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The Y at Home

Y Gymnastics - Word Search Activity

28 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

We've created 3 word search activities - can you find all the gymnastics words? Print it out and see if you can complete them all!

Y Fit - Tips for Mental Vitality

27 Apr 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

It’s such an important time for us all to stop, take a moment and to assess how as individuals we do what’s required to keep our minds clear and sharp for the challenging days ahead. Here’s some simple initiatives you can implement into your day to stay as positive and productive as you can be.

Y Gymnastics - KinderGym Animals Video

24 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

Stomp like a dinosaur and balance like a flamingo! This week's video with Bec from the Y Bankstown is for our KinderGymnasts... Roar!

Y Wellbeing - Meditation

Let's take a few minutes to stop, relax and reset. You'll feel so much better!

Y Kids - Paper Towel Butterflies

23 Apr 2020 - Y Kids

Easy to make with items already around the house!

Y Gymnastics - Create your Gym!

23 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

Get creative and build a replica of your gym! Use lego, art and craft, dolls or anything else you can find around the house to recreate your favourite apparatus.

Y Gymnastics -Workouts for our Levels Gymnasts

23 Apr 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Whilst we're out of the gym, keeping up with overall core, strength and fitness is vital to returning to the gym strong and ready to train! Watch these workout videos, great for advanced gymnasts!

Y Fit - Les Mills Class Highlight: BODYATTACK™

23 Apr 2020 - Y Fit

BODYATTACK™ is a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts.

Y Recipes - Banana Smoothie

22 Apr 2020 - Y Recipes

A delicious, easy & healthy treat for your family!

Y Wellbeing - Brain Games

22 Apr 2020 - Y Wellbeing

Here are some helpful brain games to keep your mind stay active and healthy!

Y Recipes - Turkish Bread Pizza

22 Apr 2020 - Y Recipes

You'll be a household favourite with this crafty pizza recipe!

Y Kids - Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

21 Apr 2020 - Y Kids

We're off on a scavenger hunt! Find ALL the colours of the rainbow in this fun activity for kids. How many from the list can you find?  See if you can find them all!

Y Kids - Sports Word Search Activity

21 Apr 2020 - Y FitY KidsY Activities

Are you missing being able to play sports with your friends? Let's see how many fun sports you can find in our Y word search!

Y Gymnastics - Strength Dice

17 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

Build strength in your gymnastics skills with the roll of a dice - a fun activity to do solo or with a partner! Variations for Recreational/Colours gymnasts and Competitive/Advanced gymnasts.

Y Fit - 20 Minute Chair Yoga for PrYme Movers

17 Apr 2020 - Y Fit

This workout is suited to our PrYme members and is aimed at keeping you moving!

Y Fit - 15 Minute Circuit Class for Teens

17 Apr 2020 - Y FitY Youth

The kids can tackle this mini-circuit style routine that focuses on dynamic moves that are both challenging and fun. Even better, no equipment needed!

Y Fit - Pick Your Quarantine Gym

17 Apr 2020 - Y Fit

With 6 different gym rooms to choose from, find the one that holds the fitness assets you miss the most!

Y Kids - Backyard Scavenger Hunt

17 Apr 2020 - Y Kids

We're off on a scavenger hunt! How many can you find around your backyard (or street)?  See if you can find everything on the list!

Y Gymnastics - Colours Floor Video

17 Apr 2020 - Y Gymnastics

In this video, coach Bri from the Y Epping will take you through key gymnastics floor skills, that can be practiced when you are not in the gym! This video is designed for our beginner 'colours' program.

Y Kids - Colouring Sheets + Writing Prompt

16 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY ActivitiesY Swim

Time to get creative! Today we have some awesome colouring sheets + a writing activity, where you get to finish a story in your own way!

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