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Y SWIM - Breaststroke Tips Videos

27 May 2020 - Y SwimY Kids

See how you can refine your Breaststroke technique by practicing at home!

Y SWIM - Recipe for Swimming Backstroke

20 May 2020 - Y SwimY Kids

Flat body position, back kicking and windmills - these are just a few of the ingredients you will need for swimming backstroke!

Y SWIM - Water Safety Worksheet

13 May 2020 - Y ActivitiesY Swim

Water safety education is a very important part of our learn to swim programs. Our team have put together this free worksheet that helps teach children about how to stay safe at the beach.

Y Swim - Freestyle Drills at Home

06 May 2020 - Y KidsY Swim

Our team put together some videos to help you practice swimming Freestyle at home! For helpful drills and tips on technique, read more!

Y SWIM - Word Search Activity

29 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY ActivitiesY Swim

See how many swimming and water safety terms you can find in these fun word searches!

Y SWIM - Backstroke Tips Video

29 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY ActivitiesY Swim

See how you can practice at home for swimming backstroke!

Y Kids - Colouring Sheets + Writing Prompt

16 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY ActivitiesY Swim

Time to get creative! Today we have some awesome colouring sheets + a writing activity, where you get to finish a story in your own way!

Y Kids - Build Your Own Story

15 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY ActivitiesY Swim

Let your imagination run free as you decide how the story unfolds!

Y Kids - Test your swimming knowledge!

09 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY ActivitiesY Swim

Read about how to swim freestyle + test your water safety knowledge!

Y Kids - Philberts Eggcelent Underwater Hunt

08 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY KidsY Swim

See how many eggs you can find in Philbert's aquarium!

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