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Y Gymnastics - Burpee Challenge

21 May 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Coach Jess from the Y Bankstown City has challenged our Levels Gymnasts to a Burpee Challenge!

How long can you last?

Correct Burpee Technique:

  1. Start in standing position, feet shoulder width apart
  2. Crouch down, put your hands shoulder width apart on the floor in front of your feet
  3. Jump feet back into front support position
  4. Complete one push-up (lower your body flat to the floor and return to front support)
  5. Return to crouched position
  6. Finish with a rocket jump



See how long you can last! start by doing one burpee in the first minute, and add another burpee for each following minute. 

Minute # of burpees in that minute
0-1 1
1-2 2
2-3 3
3-4 4


5-6 6
6-7 7
7-8 8

Continue this until you can physically no longer do any more burpees in that minute.

The number to record must be the number that you completed successfully.
For example, Minute 16-17 must complete 17 burpees in that minute to count. If you only completed 16 burpees in that minute they did not achieve 17, your total is 16!

Remember to tag us in your socials if you are sharing photos and videos! #theYathome #gymnastics #burpeechallenge


Remember when joining our challenges, to be aware of your surroundings, and know that sharing your image or video online may mean it can be viewed by members of the public.

#theYathome Activity Disclaimer

All participants must ensure they have a clear area to perform all skills and activities prior to commencing the activity. All child related activities must be conducted under parental supervision. 

You are responsible for you exercising within your limits. Only perform exercises and skills and repetitions that you are currently capable of performing. If you do not do it at the gym or in your regular Y program, do not attempt to do it at home. 

Do not attempt skills, exercises or activities displayed if you currently sustain any injuries or illness that excludes you from physical activity. If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities, or you feel discomfort, pain, dizziness or nausea, you should discontinue exercising immediately and seek medical assistance/advice where necessary.

To the extent permitted by law, The Y and its affiliates disclaim any and all liability in connection with the exercises in this video and any instructions and advice provided.

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