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Safe Environment

Statement of Commitment

The Y and its Board of Directors have a zero tolerance approach towards any form of child abuse or neglect. We are committed to the rights of children and young people to feel safe and be safe when participating in our organisation's activities, including those from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, with a disability, mental illness or in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Y employees, volunteers (including its Board of Directors), student on placements, consultants and contractors, affiliated associations, clients, parents, guardians, families and others associated with The Y are required to understand, and act immediately on, the important responsibility they have to:

  • Protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from all forms of abuse, bullying and exploitation by our people and take the appropriate steps to report and respond to any incidents of abuse, neglect or exploitation brought to the attention of the Y 
  • Be aware of, and familiar with, Australia Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and the Y NSW's Procedures including any incidents of abuse and neglect occurring outside the scope of the Y’s operations and services which may impact on  children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Create and maintain a safe culture and secure environment that is child focused, transparent and respectful by all the individuals who work for, volunteer or access programs and services at the Y.
  • Ensure no one feels threatened, afraid or unsafe and where they are aware of how, and comfortable to, raise any concerns or issues with Y staff, knowing that concern or issue will be acted on appropriately and taken seriously.

Safeguarding Children

At the Y the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults is our highest priority. The right to be able to enjoy a safe environment free from threats, abuse, neglect or exploitation is our service commitment.

We work hard to ensure the safeguarding of children and young people is embedded in our culture and at the forefront of everything we do. The Y knows that it’s not just about having the right policies and procedures it’s also about being proactive. 

Under the Safeguarding Children program The Y participates in a voluntary accreditation scheme provided by the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF).

Being accredited endorses the Y’s efforts to actively pursue the highest level of child safety in our organisation is highlighted by

  • ACF Accreditation Certificate
  • A National Framework and Strategy
  • Our rigorous and robust recruitment, screening and induction process and where everyone working or engaged at The Y must have a valid working with children check (NSW) or working with vulnerable persons check (ACT) 
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training and professional development
  • An environment which is child friendly but limits an opportunity for a child or young person to be harmed.

Safe Environment

We are deeply committed to ensuring that children and young people growing up in Australia experience safe, healthy and positive environments.

Safeguarding at the Y includes:

  • Supporting children, young people and their families
  • Adhering to child safe standards
  • Addressing bullying and cybersafety
  • Involving children and young people in The Y’s programs and activities
  • Active participation and empowerment of children and young people to have a say and contribute. 

Our National Safeguarding Framework is underpinned by our vision that all children and young people are empowered to feel safe and be safe at the Y, in their families and their communities. Our vison rests on three foundational pillars of Culture, Operations and Environment. For more information, visit the Y National Safeguarding Unit online.

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