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The YMCA NSW is governed by a Board whose authority is enabled by the Young Men’s Christian Association of Sydney Incorporation Act, 1906 as amended by the Young Men’s Christian Association of Sydney Incorporation (Amendment) Act, 1976 (“the Constitution”); and the Articles of the Young Men’s Christian Association of Sydney (“the Articles”).

Broadly, the role of the Board is to provide leadership and strategic guidance for YMCA NSW in addition to overseeing management’s implementation of strategic initiatives.

The Board meets on a regular basis to contribute to and approve the strategic direction of YMCA NSW and significant organisational strategic initiatives.  Its emphasis is on outward vision and strategic leadership, cultivating a diversity of viewpoints, collective decision making and safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Read the Board Charter ›

YMCA Governance Committees

The Y enjoys the benefit of a close Staff-Director partnership through our Committees, strengthening the inherent trust between both roles and providing tangible support and improved knowledge sharing.

Committees of the Board play an important role in achieving the good governance of YMCA NSW and delivering the vision of our strategic plan.

People, Culture and Nominations

Chair – Warwick Jones
Members – Shirley Chowdhary, Christina Harlamb, Marg Lennon

Risk, Audit and Finance

Chair – Richard Hughes
Members – Shirley Chowdhary, Philip Knox, Marg Lennon, Jonathon Rea

YMCA Whistle Blower Policy

The YMCA NSW is committed to the highest standards of legal, ethical and moral behaviour and ensuring compliance in all aspects of the organisation.

The purpose of this policy is to provide an avenue to detect actual or suspected wrongdoing, to protect anyone who reports such incidents and to address issues raised in an appropriate manner. By reporting concerns, misconduct and child protection breaches, you can help ensure the YMCA NSW’s people and patrons are safe and secure in the YMCA NSW environment.

Read the YMCA NSW Whistle Blower Policy ›

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