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The Y at Home

Y at Home - Riding Your Bike - Part 3

20 Jul 2020 - Y FitY KidsY Youth

In part 3 of this Riding Your Bike series, you will learn about how to adjust your brakes and chains!

Y at Home - Riding Your Bike - Part 2

17 Jul 2020 - Y FitY KidsY Youth

In part 2 of this Riding Your Bike series, you will learn about how to make sure your bike is roadworthy!

Y at Home - Riding Your Bike - Part 1

15 Jul 2020 - Y FitY KidsY Youth

In part 1 of this Riding Your Bike series, you will learn how to choose the right bike and helmet size.

Building a Fitness Routine

Exercise helps keep your body, mind, and spirit in great shape, letting you live life with vitality, enthusiasm, and comfort. But, while any exercise is always better than none, the real benefits come from building a routine to getting regular physical activity.

YChats Podcast - Cannabis

09 Jul 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

Burning Questions about Cannabis

YChats Podcast - Online Safety

09 Jul 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

Do you know who you're talking to online?

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation doesn't always come when you need it. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself motivated.

How to write a Resume

30 Jun 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

These 9 steps will help you write a resume from scratch, putting your best foot forward for your next role!

Y Recipes - Chicken Stew

22 Jun 2020 - Y Recipes

The perfect recipe for a cold night in with the family

Construction Challenge

17 Jun 2020 - Y Kids

Creative construction - What can you make out of recycled items?

Dream Catchers at Home

17 Jun 2020 - Y Kids

See how you can make your own dream catcher at home!

Keeping Safe Online

It's important to feel safe online! The impacts of COVID-19 have meant that the way we learn, connect with our friends & family and entertain ourselves has increasingly shifted online. While, that can be exciting, did you know you are also at increased risk of harm both directly and indirectly?

Y Kids - Salt Jar

16 Jun 2020 - Y Kids

Make your very own salt jar with all different colours!

Y Recipes - Savoury muffins

15 Jun 2020 - Y Recipes

A tasty treat for afternoon tea


At times, we all struggle to stay present. This becomes even more common during stressful times, like many of us may now find ourselves in. In this article, we cover some information about the benefits of mindfulness, how to get started, and what to do if you’re struggling with it. Be kind to yourself, and give it a go. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Y Gymnastics - Hello Song

05 Jun 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Sing the Hello Song! Have some KinderGym fun with the gymnastics team from our friends at the Y Jamboree Heights in Queensland.

Y Fit - At Home Challenges

04 Jun 2020 - Y Fit

Now that we have gone through the correct way to perform some basic exercises, we want to see how many you can do!

Y Swim - Backstroke Drills at Home

04 Jun 2020 - Y Swim

Our team put together some videos to help you practice swimming backstroke at home! For helpful drills and tips on technique, read more!

Y Gymnastics - Skills Checklist

04 Jun 2020 - Y Gymnastics

To help keep up a routine and get ready to return to the gym, we've created a skills checklist for our LEVELS gymnasts! Working on flexibility, strength, and skills for floor, beam, bar and artistry that you can do at home.

Y Recipes - Burritos

04 Jun 2020 - Y Recipes

A delicious family favourite to make together!

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