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Y Kids - Nature Creations

28 May 2020 - Y ActivitiesY Kids

On a walk around your garden or around the local area, collect a range of natural items. Use these items to create pictures, collages or scenery boards!

"Children are confident and involved learners"
Outcome 4: Early Years Learning Framework & Framework for School Age Care

Thanks to our friends at The Y Victoria Children's Programs for this fun activity!

Equipment Required:

  • Basket or box for collecting items
  • Anything you collect outdoors - remember to leave living plants and animals alone, and only collect things such as fallen leaves, rocks, gumnuts etc. 

By exploring their outdoor environment they will discover new objects and learn where they come from. They will also discover how a different range of materials can be used to create artwork and tell a story to express themselves. Allow children to collect their own items and make their own creation at home - if they require further prompting, you can use the language and questions included in the printable worksheet below! 

Download Printable Worksheet

Play-based learning encourages children to use their imagination - the best way to learn is through drawing, digging, role-playing, singing, crafting and more! For more fun activities, visit The Y at Home blog

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