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Because of her, we can!

10 Jul 2018 -

YMCA NSW Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Ambassadors Hamani and Payten talk about NAIDOC week, the inspirational women who have influenced their lives, and what being an Ambassador means to them.

Exercise Right to Maintain Bone Density

01 Mar 2017 -

As we age, the strength and health of our bones becomes a priority to maintain an active life, reduce the risk of falls, breaks and osteoporosis.

Older Australian’s are getting more active

01 Mar 2017 -

An interesting article from the Huffington Post says an increase in incidental activity is on the rise as Australians are getting older.

More physical activity reduces hospital stays

01 Mar 2017 -

A recent study has shown that walking more could mean less hospital time for those aged 55 and over. Simply being more active for 40 minutes a day has been statistically linked with fewer hospital-bed days.

Spring Clean Your Mind

13 Sep 2016 -

The listed health benefits of positivity include lower rates of stress and depression, greater resistance to common illnesses or more serious chronic disease, improved coping skills during times of hardship and greater psychological and physical wellbeing.

Foods that make you feel good

13 Sep 2016 -

Believe it or not food can have a huge impact on your mood. If you are wondering how than let’s get the boring scientific stuff out of the way. In fact, let’s just pop it into a picture.

Wellness is the new Fitness

13 Sep 2016 -

An online search for the word ‘fitness’ pulls up page upon page of commercial fitness brands all vying for your attention and ultimately, your dollars. And it’s big business. The fitness industry in Australia has seen an unprecedented boom in the past decade with five times more gyms, studios, bootcamps, boxes or boutiques now competing for a similar consumer share.

Social connectedness

13 Sep 2016 -

A recent Australian study has shown that we are more digitally connected than ever with an estimated 87% of Australians accessing the internet every day. There are some huge positives to digital connection with it now far easier to stay in touch with family and friends over Facebook, share photos over Instagram or find and meet new people with the same interests on a whole range of apps and websites. Yet all this great stuff aside, we are now far less likely to actually pick up the phone to talk to someone or make the effort to meet in person.

Healthy Holiday Planning Tips

23 Dec 2015 -

The holidays provide precious moments to relax, socialise and think about your future. In doing so, remember all of your successes in 2015 and think about the quick changes you can make to prepare yourself for 2016. Here's to a Healther and Happier You in the New Year!

Healthy Holiday Fitness Tips

15 Dec 2015 -

The holidays are the perfect time of year to connect with friends, spend time with family and enjoy all the festivities. With just a few simple changes, you can set yourself on track for a healthier and happier New Year. You'll make it easier to beat the Holiday Bulge and that New Year's resolution won't seem nearly as difficult to obtain.

Reclaim Your Motivation

05 Oct 2015 -

When we start our fitness journey, it’s easy for us to get out and exercise. The workouts are fun and we have a determination to succeed. Fast forward a month however and the routine workouts are a lot less appealing than an extra hour’s sleep while the determination gives way to the apathy and the continual list of goals that are still to be achieved.

The 5 S’s of training with a mate

08 Sep 2015 -

Ever wondered why people say 'Fitness is more fun with friends" or talk about the benefits of exercising with a mate? Well in this blog, Fitness Specialist Alisa Wells shares the answer as well as tips to maximise your exercise time with friends...

Set yourself up for success

28 Aug 2015 -

It's spring - the time where you get out from under the covers and get stuck into those fitness goals that will help you get that perfect summer body. To help you get started, we asked our Fitness Specialist Alisa Wells to share the best ways to ensure that your spring fitness goals become your summer successes.

Liliie's story: "YMCA has played a massive part in my recovery"

28 Jul 2015 -

Since coming to our YMCA Lake Haven Recreation Centre in 2014, Lillie's life has been turned around, this is her story...

5 ways to keep the kids entertained these school holidays

30 Mar 2015 -

It's every parent's nightmare - how to keep the kids entertained and the holidays stress-free. We've taken some of the hard work out of coming up with ways to make sure your kids aren’t climbing the walls by the end of week one these school holidays with these five ideas!

Ruth's story: "Just because we get older doesn't mean you can't have a happy, healthy and fulfilling life"

23 Mar 2015 -

Meet Ruth Wynter! Ruth, 72, is a valued member of the YMCA family and a long-time patron of the Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre. This is her story...

Why do my muscles hurt after a workout?

04 Mar 2015 -

Ever come off a training session feeling great but found yourself achy 24-48 hours afterwards? You’re not alone.

Workout to Try: HIIT

23 Feb 2015 -

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is an amazing cardiovascular and fat-burning workout that involves performing exercises at maximum capacity for a short amount of time. This workout has been proven to be more effective in improving overall fitness than an hour long cardio session.

Dean's story: My confidence and self-esteem have gone up

17 Feb 2015 -

Dean, 25, started working out with his brother at his local YMCA and says that while he was shy at first, his newfound confidence in the gym has helped him to find a healthier, happier version of himself.

5 ideas for a healthier, happier Valentine's Day

12 Feb 2015 -

The sweetest day of the year is upon us. Whether you’re coupled-up or enjoying the single life this Valentine’s day there’s bound to be a few heart-shaped sweet treats hitting your lips. While a small treat is no big deal, an enormous box of chocolates and a lavish dinner can leave you feeling sluggish and guilty.

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