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Separate Spaces - Adapting to the “New Normal” of Online Learning

Incorrect or cluttered spaces are more likely to lead to long term physical or mental health issues as a result of increased cortisol levels over a long period of time. Here are some helpful tips to create a productive study space.

School Survival Toolkit

12 Aug 2020 - Y CommunityY KidsY Youth

Resources for young people and educators to support the mental health and wellbeing of their students and peers.

Environmental Advocacy Paper

12 Aug 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

A call to action for the Government to consider alternative and sustainable energy options.

Through Our Eyes Art Exhibition

Young people express their diversity through pieces of art

YChats Podcast - Suicide Prevention

Adrian Eagle on Life and Suicide

Level up Your Employability Through Volunteering

A guide on how you can set yourself apart from the pack through volunteer work.

Building a Fitness Routine

Exercise helps keep your body, mind, and spirit in great shape, letting you live life with vitality, enthusiasm, and comfort. But, while any exercise is always better than none, the real benefits come from building a routine to getting regular physical activity.

YChats Podcast - Online Safety

09 Jul 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

Do you know who you're talking to online?

YChats Podcast - Cannabis

09 Jul 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

Burning Questions about Cannabis

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation doesn't always come when you need it. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself motivated.

How to write a Resume

30 Jun 2020 - Y CommunityY Youth

These 9 steps will help you write a resume from scratch, putting your best foot forward for your next role!

Keeping Safe Online

It's important to feel safe online! The impacts of COVID-19 have meant that the way we learn, connect with our friends & family and entertain ourselves has increasingly shifted online. While, that can be exciting, did you know you are also at increased risk of harm both directly and indirectly?


At times, we all struggle to stay present. This becomes even more common during stressful times, like many of us may now find ourselves in. In this article, we cover some information about the benefits of mindfulness, how to get started, and what to do if you’re struggling with it. Be kind to yourself, and give it a go. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Y Wellbeing - Meditation

Let's take a few minutes to stop, relax and reset. You'll feel so much better!

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