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How well should your child be able to swim?

13 May 2024 - Recreation

Swimming isn’t just a recreational activity; it's a vital life skill. But what level of swimming proficiency should parents expect from their children, and how can they gauge their child's swimming ability? Understanding the benchmarks for swimming proficiency can help you ensure that your children have the skills they need to stay safe in and around the water.

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The Y NSW Announces Our New CEO

30 Apr 2024 - Staff

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Kennaugh as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective from Monday 3 June 2024.

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The Y NSW Opens Dedicated Youth Space in Broken Hill

The Y NSW is excited to announce the opening of Y Space Broken Hill, a dedicated space specifically designed to empower and support young people in Broken Hill and the Far West region of NSW.

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The benefits of year-round swimming lessons for children

02 Apr 2024 - Recreation

When it comes to children and swimming lessons, consistency matters more than just about anything else. While it might be tempting to view swimming lessons as a seasonal activity reserved for summer, the truth is that sticking with swimming lessons all year round is immensely important for children. From safety and skill development to physical fitness and confidence building, the benefits of year-round swimming lessons extend far beyond just learning how to swim.

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Festival of Empowered Minds 2024

04 Mar 2024 - Youth

Young people across Australia are overrepresented in a range of societal and economic issues. Several key pieces of research have been released in the past five years detailing the issues young people consider to be key concerns to their generation. A common theme across this research is the concern of negative mental health outcomes. The 2022 Mission Australia Youth Study listed the top challenges faced by young people as school and education, mental health, and relationships. With this in mind, our festival, called Empowered Minds, is a leadership and empowerment project designed and delivered by young people aged 16-25 aimed at increasing self-worth, inner-strength, leadership, and agency. Empowered Minds will contribute to a more equitable and safer community, promoting mental health literacy, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of the Parramatta community. This youth-led initiative will offer a range of free activities, including yoga, music, art and craft, among other activities alongside services that can assist young people in their personal growth journey.

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Resolutions to Results | Tips to Maintain Your Fitness Goals Year-Round

01 Mar 2024 - Recreation

Picture this. You started the new year with health and fitness goals but now your motivation has started to wane, life has thrown you a curveball or two and, suddenly, you’re just not feeling it anymore. Where to from here?

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Youth Parliament Sponsorship Program | Department of Regional NSW Announced As Newest Sponsor

22 Feb 2024 - YouthYouth Parliament

This year the Y NSW established a sponsorship component to Youth Parliament for youth experiencing marginalisation and disadvantage. The Y has secured funding from the Department of Regional NSW. This will support 35 participants who may have otherwise been unable to partake in the program by covering or assisting with their entry fees into the 2024 Youth Parliament.

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Balancing Work and Family | Practical Tips for Working Parents

21 Feb 2024 - Uncategorised

Juggling being a parent and working can be tough. It’s a constant balancing act between work, family, and personal time. We’re sharing five tips to make working parents’ lives easier.

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Swim carnival success: A guide to helping your child overcome nerves

19 Feb 2024 - Recreation

A quintessential part of Australian children’s school days are swim carnivals; an exciting event for children providing opportunities for them to showcase their swimming skills, race in a relaxed environment, and foster a sense of team spirit.

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Navigating the Start of Kindy | Tips for a Smooth Transition

01 Feb 2024 - Y BlogYouth

As the school year kicks off, many families will soon experience a significant milestone – the first day of Kindy. According to NSW Education, over 63,000 students will embark on their Kindy journey in NSW public schools in 2024.

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Youth Parliament | Youth Voices. Powerful Choices

Make a difference for young people facing adversity. Youth Parliament is the Y NSW’s flagship youth leadership and engagement program.

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Invite Students to apply for Youth Parliament program

“I believe everyone needs to experience this program because it opens a new world of possibilities and opportunities for self-expression that can not be easily found in the real world.” The next generation of youth leaders is invited to apply to participate in the Y NSW's Youth Parliament program in 2024 with submissions now open.

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School Suspensions | A Social Justice Issue

11 Dec 2023 - Mental HealthYouth

Louisa McKay, Executive Leader Purpose & Impact for The Y NSW explores current suspension practices, the current alternatives, and more.

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Global Meaningful Work Survey

24 Oct 2023 - Media ReleasesYouth

A survey for young people, by young people.

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Alternative Suspension Roaring Success, But Funding Needed To Meet Demand

"The program made him turn up, talk with youth workers and make him understand what he does is wrong. He even told me he really enjoyed it". - The Y NSW's new program shows great success but requires funding to continue and grow.

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Youth Mental Health Forum - 6 October 2023

The Y NSW hosted Youth Mental Health Forum with Minister Rose Jackson and MP Donna Frances Reeman Davis today.

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Young People Participate in Mental Health First Aid

31 Aug 2023 - Mental Health

Members of the Y NSW’s Youth and Community team facilitated more than 200 young people in a course on how to provide mental health first aid to their friends in a program to be rolled out across the Snowy Monaro and Central Coast in 2023.

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Young Leaders Shine in Legislative Assembly for Youth Parliament 2023

11 Jul 2023 -

This week more than 90 young people from far and wide across the state of NSW will take a seat in the Legislative Assembly for a four-day sitting in the Parliament of NSW, as part of the Y NSW's iconic Youth Parliament program. Read all about this program which has been running for 20 years, by young people and for young people, empowering them with skills, knowledge and confidence to raise their voices on issues that are important to them and their communities.

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Parents Rave About Camp Jaribu 2023 At Yarramundi

Camp Yarramundi recently welcomed over 120 children and young people with neurodiverse conditions for The Sensory Gym’s® Camp Jabiru 2023, making it another successful week at the camp. See what parents had to say about the camp.

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Camp Yarramundi Celebrates 10 Years of Hosting Recovery Camp

Since 1937 Camp Yarramundi has been providing outdoor education, camping and community engagement programs to groups across NSW, but over the last 10 years it is one camp in particular that has made one of the biggest impacts on both participants and outdoor instructors alike – that is Recovery Camp. In May we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Recovery Camp and the amazing collaboration with the Y NSW.

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