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Y Wellbeing - Everyday Mindfulness

04 Jun 2020 - Y Wellbeing

At times, we all struggle to stay present. This becomes even more common during stressful times, like many of us may now find ourselves in. This article will cover some information about the benefits of mindfulness, how to get started, and what to do if you’re struggling with it.

Y Wellbeing - Resources for Managing Stress

26 May 2020 - Y Wellbeing

Here a some helpful resources to help you manage stress during times of uncertainty.

Y Fit - Benefits of Keeping Active over 50

21 May 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

Staying active in your 50’s and beyond can be the best gift you give to yourself and those around you.

Y Fit - Building a Fitness Routine

20 May 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

Exercise helps keep your body, mind, and spirit in great shape, letting you live life with vitality, enthusiasm, and comfort. But, while any exercise is always better than none, the real benefits come from building a routine to getting regular physical activity.

Y Wellbeing - 5 Self Care Tips

13 May 2020 - Y Wellbeing

Here a few key tips to looking after yourself during challenging times!

Y Fit - Benefits of Stretching

06 May 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

Let’s be honest, stretching gets little attention majority of the time. We so often race into and out of a workout without much consideration to stretch, we spend hours in poor strenuous multi flexed positions that do us no good and unfortunately we are forever destined to only get tighter as we age.

Y Wellbeing - Sleep

05 May 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

Here a few tips for a better nights sleep!

Y Fit - Tips for Mental Vitality

27 Apr 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

It’s such an important time for us all to stop, take a moment and to assess how as individuals we do what’s required to keep our minds clear and sharp for the challenging days ahead. Here’s some simple initiatives you can implement into your day to stay as positive and productive as you can be.

Y Wellbeing - Meditation

Let's take a few minutes to stop, relax and reset. You'll feel so much better!

Y Wellbeing - Brain Games

22 Apr 2020 - Y Wellbeing

Here are some helpful brain games to keep your mind stay active and healthy!

Y Wellbeing - Cognitive Restructuring

16 Apr 2020 - Y WellbeingY Youth

It's time to hit reset on those unhelpful thoughts. A happy and healthier you starts now!

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