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The Y at Home

Y Recipes - Minestrone Soup

01 Jun 2020 - Y Recipes

A tasty vegetarian recipe that is perfect for Winter!

Y Gymnastics - Lower Body Strength

29 May 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Build strength in your lower body to develop more control in your gymnastics movements! Part 1: beginner-intermediate gymnasts, and Part 2: advanced & competitive gymnasts. Featuring coach Mieke from The Y Jamboree Heights (QLD)!

Y Fit - Staying Active as a Family

28 May 2020 - Y Fit

Parents who exercise with their children not only get healthier, but strengthen the family's bond, say health professionals who advocate exercise as a solution for both the nation's obesity epidemic and increasing family instability. Exercising together can make the family unit stronger, not just its individual parts.

Y Fit - Kid Friendly Yoga Session

28 May 2020 - Y FitY Kids

Stretch, relax and strengthen your mind with this 20 minute beginner yoga class. This yoga session is great for kids and those new to practising yoga. Also a great mental and active breakaway for those working from home at the moment!

Y Kids - Nature Creations

28 May 2020 - Y KidsY Activities

On a walk around your garden or around the local area, collect a range of natural items. Use these items to create pictures, collages or scenery boards!

Y Kids - Living Grass Head

28 May 2020 - Y KidsY Activities

Making living grass heads are a fun gardening project kids will love watching grow. Children especially love trimming the hair after a few days into a funny shape!

Y Kids - Nature Scavenger Hunt

27 May 2020 - Y KidsY Activities

Discover exciting places, animals, plants and more in this week's scavenger hunt! How many from the list can you find?  See if you can find them all!

Y Gymnastics - KinderGym - Bunny Pokey

27 May 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Shake your tail and do the bunny pokey! Have some KinderGym fun with the gymnastics team from our friends at the Y Jamboree Heights in Queensland.

Y SWIM - Breaststroke Tips Videos

27 May 2020 - Y KidsY Swim

See how you can refine your Breaststroke technique by practicing at home!

Y Recipes - Fruit Loaf

26 May 2020 - Y Recipes

Simply easy recipe for the perfect Fruit Loaf, yum!

Y Wellbeing - Resources for Managing Stress

26 May 2020 - Y Wellbeing

Here a some helpful resources to help you manage stress during times of uncertainty.

Y Recipes - Carrot Cake

26 May 2020 - Y Recipes

Introducing the perfect afternoon treat!

Y Recipes - Frittata

26 May 2020 - Y Recipes

Looking for the perfect afternoon snack. A Frittata is a tasty, healthy and filling option. Plus, you can save those leftover in the fridge or freeze to enjoy later in the week!

Y Fit - Les Mills Class Highlight: BODYPUMP™

25 May 2020 - Y Fit

BODYPUMP™ is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast.

Y Fit - Benefits of Keeping Active over 50

21 May 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

Staying active in your 50’s and beyond can be the best gift you give to yourself and those around you.

Y Gymnastics - Burpee Challenge

21 May 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Coach Jess from the Y Bankstown City has challenged our Levels Gymnasts to a Burpee Challenge! How high can you go?

Y Gymnastics - Foothpath Chalk

21 May 2020 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

Practice your skills like balancing, jumping, bear walk and more, all you need is some chalk and a footpath! This video is suitable for both our KinderRec and Colours program gymnasts (approx ages 4-8).

Y Fit - Lunge Tutorial

21 May 2020 - Y Fit

When completing a workout, it is important that you perform exercises correctly to ensure you can maximise the impact it will have on your body and fitness.

Y Fit - Building a Fitness Routine

20 May 2020 - Y FitY Wellbeing

Exercise helps keep your body, mind, and spirit in great shape, letting you live life with vitality, enthusiasm, and comfort. But, while any exercise is always better than none, the real benefits come from building a routine to getting regular physical activity.

Y Kids - Book Scavenger Hunt

20 May 2020 - Y KidsY Activities

Discover exciting places, animals, creatures and more inside books in this week's scavenger hunt! How many from the list can you find?  See if you can find them all!

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