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Social Impact

At the Y, we care about the social impact of our programs and measure it through a continuous quality improvement process called Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) framework.

What is RBA?

The RBA framework is a systematic approach to achieving meaningful outcomes and demonstrating accountability for our actions. It measures a range of quality-of-life metrics and is based on feedback from the children, young people and communities that we serve. RBA guides our efforts in creating a culture of continuous improvement learning and improvement and to make a positive difference.

Key Components of RBA at the Y

  1. Community Focus
    We start by understanding the needs of the communities that we serve. We identify issues and opportunities for positive change.
  2. Clear Outcome Measures
    Wd define clear and measurable outcomes that reflect the desired improvements in the wellbeing of children, young people and communities. These become our guiding principals for our programs and initiatives.
  3. Data-informed Decision Making
    We reply on data to inform our decision making processes and monitor progress towards our goals over time. This step ensures we continuously assess our impact and areas for improvement.

Our Results for FY22/23

Youth and Community Programs

  • 90% of participants made new friends and positive connections
  • 81% of participants reported improved mental wellbeing
  • 95% of participants reported feeling the Y is an inclusive space

Community Recreation

  • 86% reported increased mental wellbeing a the Y
  • 90% of customers reported increased physical wellbeing
  • 88% of customers reported feeling included at the Y (RBA data 22/23)

Children’s Services

  • 94% of parents reported their child has stronger social connections from the Y
  • 93% of parents reported feeling that their child has an increased sense of wellbeing from the Y
  • 90% of parents said their child has improved physical wellbing from the Y
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