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The Y at Home

Join KinderGym at the Y

02 Feb 2022 - Y Gymnastics

KinderGym is open for boys and girls aged 1-5 years. Find out more about how gymnastics can help your child's physical and cognitive development here

Y Fit - Plank Challenge

28 Sep 2021 - Y Fit

The plank exercise is one of the best calorie burning and beneficial exercises for your core. How long can you hold a plank for?

Y Fit - Gentle Flow Yoga with Magee

16 Sep 2021 - Y Fit

Try this Gentle Flow Yoga session and focuses on flexibility, mobility and strength, primarily through the hips and lower back region.

Y Fit - 30 Minute HIIT with Ben

07 Sep 2021 - Y Fit

Work up a sweat and get your heart rate up with this 30 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

Y Swim - Boat Safety and at home activity

06 Sep 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

Try is fun fishing at home activity and imagine you are on an aquatic adventure out at sea! What creatures will you see and what places will you explore?

Y Gymnastics - Footpath Chalk and Warm Up

01 Sep 2021 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

Grab your chalk or get ready to warm up your muscles! We've got some fun activities for you this week!

Y Swim - Practicing Windmill Arms at home

31 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

Arm movements are very important when performing any swimming stroke. Let's learn how to practice our windmill arms at home!

Y Swim - Practice blowing bubbles at home

31 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

For some children, putting their face under water to blow bubbles is a daunting task. Let's practice and gain confidence before getting in the pool!

Y Swim - Getting your child used to wearing goggles!

26 Aug 2021 - Y SwimY Kids

Here are some simple tips to help make the process of familiarising your child with swim goggles a little easier before they start swimming lessons.

FUN Gymnastics Activities

25 Aug 2021 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

A Gymnastics themed UNO Challenge + A skills checklist for levels gymnasts!

Y Fit - Boxing with Michael

18 Aug 2021 - Y Fit

Join Y trainer, Michael for a 30 minute boxing class. This one is great for all fitness levels!

Y Fit - Step with Margie

16 Aug 2021 - Y Fit

Join Y Instructor, Margie for a fun cardio workout to do at home.

Y Swim - Flutter Kick At Home Drills

12 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

Learn to kick correctly when swimming in the pool with these simple at home drills.

Y Fit - Strength Workout with Michael

12 Aug 2021 - Y Fit

Join Y Trainer, Michael for our workout of the week! This one is all about strength!

Y Swim - Water Rescue Tips

12 Aug 2021 - Y SwimY Kids

Let's learn about a way that we can help someone in trouble in the water.

Y Swim - Kicking activity to try at home

10 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

What’s your favourite part of swimming? Did you answer kicking? Did you know that you can easily practice your kicking at home... Without a pool?!

Y Fit - Yoga with Mandy

09 Aug 2021 - Y WellbeingY Fit

Feeling like you need to unwind and take some much needed time out? Try this virtual Yoga class with Y Instructor, Mandy.

Y Fit - Body Weights Workout with Michael

04 Aug 2021 - Y Fit

Join Y Trainer, Michael for a virtual body weights workout that you can try at home. No equipment needed!

Online Classes, Split Stretch Technique and more!

04 Aug 2021 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

We have loved getting to train with our gymnasts again online! If you haven't saved your spot in a class, there's still time!

Y Fit - Freestyle Aerobics with Margie

28 Jul 2021 - Y Fit

Join Y Instructor, Margie for a virtual aerobics workout that you can try at home. This one is loads of fun!

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