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Join KinderGym at the Y

02 Feb 2022 - Y Gymnastics

We all know it’s important to keep our children active and moving, but in an age of digital distractions it can be a challenge. On the other hand, there are days when their energy can seem limitless!

Why not channel your child’s instinct to move and explore by getting them involved in KinderGym?

Did you know KinderGym can help your child develop important physical and social skills, promote confidence, and encourage creativity before they reach school?

That’s where KinderGym comes in. A specially designed program for infants, pre-schoolers and their families, the initiative has played a pivotal role in helping children across the country learn fundamental skills for more than 40 years.

As an approved KinderGym provider, the Y NSW is committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to reach their potential, all while having heaps of fun!

And the best part is – the child’s parent (or carer) is actively involved in the class. The bond between you and your child is crucial to their development and wellbeing, which is why the program has been designed so that parents and carers can share their children’s enjoyment through active participation. By getting involved, you can create special memories together while supporting your child to challenge themselves and develop their confidence and coordination in a safe and fun environment.

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Learning through play

Research shows children learn best through exploration, self-discovery and physical activity. KinderGym has been developed to align with the principles of physical literacy and early child development, allowing infants to learn through movement.

But exactly what kind of learning takes place through movement? While gross and fine motor skills development comes to mind, there are more complex and less visible learnings happening as well - watch as your child grows in confidence, blossoms socially, and develops a deeper understanding of their abilities and the art of problem-solving through movement.

Getting your child involved in gymnastics opens up more opportunities for them to develop physical, social and cognitive skills that are essential to a healthy, active life.

While the relationship between gymnastics and other sports may not at first seem obvious, the strength and coordination your child develops through KinderGym can serve as a foundation for other sporting pursuits. Flexibility, balance, focus and agility are all transferrable skills that will give your child a head start in life, whatever they choose to pursue.

We’re here to help your child grow

The Y is one of the largest providers of gymnastics training in NSW and our accredited coaches are equipped with the skills to help your child learn and grow.

We’re committed to nurturing the potential of our young people so they become strong, flexible, coordinated and confident individuals. If you’d like to start your gymnastics journey with us today, find out more here [hyperlink].

Our classes are open to boys and girls aged one to five.


The Y offers KinderGym programs at five locations throughout Sydney. Click the location below to find out more, and book a trial!


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