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Y Swim - Practice blowing bubbles at home

31 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

Preparing your child for blowing bubbles in the pool!

When children learn to swim, putting their face in the water is one of the most daunting tasks.

Learning to blow bubbles can help alleviate some of the fear and provide them with a fun activity to make the experience more fun! It is also an important safety skill that teaches children breath control when swimming. If a swimmer doesn’t know how to breathe correctly, they might hold their breath when they swimming longer distances. Holding their breath will increase the chances of them becoming tired and can be potentially dangerous.

Therefore, mastering this skill is the foundation for swimmers knowing how to breathe once they start learning swim strokes.

Here are some fun ways to practice this simple skill at home and on the dry land:

  1. Give you child a glass of water (this is the least messy option) and a straw. Try asking them to blow little bubbles, medium bubbles and ... big bubbles. This allows them to understand breathing control.
  2. Bubbles! Mix washing up liquid and water to create the perfect solution to blow bubbles with! This is a fun way to practice blowing bubbles and creates a positive experience that can make the process of doing it in the pool a little less scary.
  3. Paper boat race - Have you child build a boat out of paper and have a race to see who can blow their boat to the finish line first! 

Good luck! 

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