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Y Swim - Meet the Instructor | Mon

28 Jun 2021 - Y Swim

Getting to know our people! 

Simone (Mon) teaches two mornings each week to about 30 students, ranging in age from six months to five years. Teaching infant classes, Simone enjoys working with smaller class numbers, having a maximum of four students in her Tadpole and Goldfish classes (beginner and secondary preschool levels) and a maximum of eight students, plus their parent or carer, per class in her Starfish, Periwinkle and Minnow levels for children aged six months to three years.

Simone constantly strives to do her best and engage with every student and their parent or carer. She also cares about each of her students and is passionate about water safety and learning to swim. This is important when working with such a young age group that has limited to no experience in the water.

Her passion and engagement allows Simone to begin to develop a love of swimming in the water in a safe and happy environment.

Check out the video below to hear from Mon what she loves about her job as a swimming instructor.

Meet Mon and Luka! 


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