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Y Kids - Shadow Drawing

29 Apr 2020 - Y ActivitiesY Kids

Take advantage of the nice sunny weather while it's still here and do a shadow drawing!

This great activity is perfect for young children, requiring minimal supplies, simply something to draw with, something to create a shadow, and of course a nice sunny day!

Thanks to our friends in the Early Learning team at the Y Whittlesea (in Victoria) for this fun activity. It is great for toddlers right through to early primary aged children. 

Equipment Required:

  • blank paper
  • plastic animals/other small toy
  • pencil/texta or something to draw with


Step 1.
Collect white paper, pencils and plastic animals / dinosaurs or trees that you would like to draw. (Tip- the taller the animal the bigger the shadow will be).

Step 2.
In a sunny flat space outside place down your white paper.

Step 3.
Place the animals / dinosaurs or trees on the edge of the paper closest to the sun. When the sun is shining this will produce a shadow on the paper. If you don't have a shadow move your animals around until you can see one.

Step 4.
Trace around the shadow on the paper and have fun!



Learning through play is an important component of our philosophy for children's programs. For more activities, see our Y Kids - the Y at Home blog! 

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