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Dream Catchers at Home

17 Jun 2020 - Y Kids

By the Y Ballarat OSHC

Do you want to make your very own dream catcher at home?

You will need the help of a grown-up and a few simple supplies from around the house. 

Here's what you will need:

  1. Paper Plate
  2. Wool or string
  3. Hole Punch
  4. Things to decorate - feathers, glitter glue, jewels or whatever else you would like.

Ready to make your own dream catcher?




1. Cut our the centre of your paper plate to make a whol in the middle. Be careful using scissors, you may need an adult's assistance.

2. Hole punch 6-8 circles  around the centre of your hole, evenly spaced apart.

3. Cut 1 metre of string/wool. Place the wool through the first hole, tape it down on the back of the plate, now thread your string through the holes crossing over the middle. (this can look any way you wish. With the leftover string, wrap it around the outer part of the plate and tie a knot to make it hangable. 

4. Cut 3 pieces of wool around 15 cm long and tape them to the back of your dream catcher towards the bottom 2cm apart. These become the tassels which to attach the feathers and beads to.

5. Thread on one coloured bead to the first piece of wool. Then tie a feather to the bottom of the wool. Lastly, carefully slide the bead back down the wool to cover the feather’s end. If the hole in the bead is too big, you may need some glue to hold this in place.

6. Decorate your Dreamcatcher as you wish!

7. Hang your Dreamcatcher up for everyone to see and enjoy.

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