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Y Wellbeing - Brain Games

22 Apr 2020 - Y Wellbeing

By Christina Seppelt - Youth Outreach Worker at the Y NSW. 


As most of us adjust to a new lifestyle based at home it’s tempting to embrace the opportunity to wear comfy clothes and seize the chance to relax and rest. Our regular schedules have gone out the window, and you might be finding that normal exercise, educational and other routines have slipped or disappeared all together. 

But someone is still working hard.. your brain! and like a muscle, a brain loves to be stimulated with new activities and challenges. Below we’ve collected a range of brain games to help keep your brain busy.

Brain games are fun activities designed to stimulate your thinking. 

There are MANY different types that you can choose from, with online and print-out options for any age group, area of interest and skill level for everyone. You can find all sorts of brain games online: maths and logic puzzles, trivia, memory games, crosswords and find-a-words, memory and pattern recognition games and many more! Below is a tiny taste of some of the brain games you can find online.


  • Kids: Try this Top Trivia quiz by National Geographic Kids - Click here
  • Teens: Play solo or VS. your friends online with Kahoot (free app download required) - Click here
  • Adults: Choose your own trivia topic from over 1 million quizzes - Click here


  • Kids: Win the race in this jet ski addition game - Click here
  • Teens: Try KenKen, a maths puzzle where your goal is to fill the whole grid with numbers, making sure no number is repeated in any column or row - Click here! For instructions - Click here
  • Adults: Stretch your brain with some maths riddles - Click here



  • Explore NASA Kids Club, where you can learn about space through loads of fun games - Click here!  
  • Teens: Check out Rebus Puzzles- pictures with words that represent a cryptic message - Click here
  • Adults: Connect the dots… with only one line - Click here


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