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Y Swim - Practicing Windmill Arms at home

31 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

Windmill Arms at home activity! 

The stronger your arms move the faster you will move through the water. 

Try this at home exercise:

1.    Find a comfortable and hazard free place to stand (we don’t want to hit any walls, furniture or people with our arms)
2.    Spin your arm in a forward motion like a windmill. Start with the right and then switch to our left arm. 
3.    In between sets make sure you place your arm straight up pressed up against your ear, then extended straight out in front to pull it down back to the starting position. 
4.    It’s time to put it into reverse. Start to spin your arm in a backwards motion. Start with the right and then switch to our left arm.

Repeat this on both sites for a few repetitions and make sure you consider the below tips to perform it correctly!

•    Keep your arms straight and close to your head and body
•    Fingers closed to ensure we can push the water (rather than letting it escape through the gaps!)

Have fun! 

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