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Y Swim - Kicking activity to try at home

10 Aug 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

What’s your favourite part of swimming? Did you answer kicking?

Did you know that you can easily practice your kicking at home... Without a pool?!  All you will need is a safe and comfortable place to lay down. 


  1. First, we need to find somewhere that is comfortable to lie down on your stomach and raise up your legs and start kicking.
  2. Let’s try to go very slowly at first and ensure that our legs are nice and straight – don’t bend those knees!
  3. Once you are confident in your technique you can speed things up! Be sure to keep your legs straight and toes pointed!
  4. It’s time to practice kicking on our backs, if you have a kickboard at home you can hold this against your chest with both arms to practice. 
  5. Raise up your legs and start some small flutter kicks. Even on your back it is still very important to keep your legs straight and toes pointed!  


•    When we kick we do not bend out knees. We want our legs to be nice and straight to ensure they are powerful and strong! 
•    Don’t go too fast! We want to make sure we are performing this properly and not rushing! 
•    The more you point your toes, the less drag there is with each kick. This means you’ll move faster! 
•    A great place to practice kicking is on the lounge or bed. This allows us to be up off the ground and have the freedom to kick up and down without any hard surfaces getting in the way.

Have fun and keep up the practice at home! 

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