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Y Swim - Getting your child used to wearing goggles!

26 Aug 2021 - Y SwimY Kids

Getting a child to feel comfortable wearing their swim goggles 

Does your little one hate wearing goggles for their lessons, does their bottom lip drop the minute they are grabbed out of the swimming bag at every lesson? Getting use to wearing them can take time and patience! 

Wearing goggles can be an important step towards your child learning to submerge their face in the water and build up crucial water confidence while learning to swim. 

Here are some simple ways to get your child comfortable with wearing their new goggles before they hop in the pool:

  1. Let them pick the style. Kids love colours, characters and most of all making the decisions. Letting your child select the goggles they will wear will help make them more excited when they see them.
  2. Practice wearing them away from the pool. Whether it’s at home watching TV or playing Lego, getting use to how the goggles feel on their face and eyes will help you convince them to wear them at their lesson.
  3. Make a game out of it! A lot of our kids favourite superheros wear goggles as part of their protective uniform/costume. Why not have your child create their very own superhero persona and incorporate goggles into their outfit! 
  4. Bath time! This is by far the best time to give them a test run and build up your child’s confidence. Wearing them while they have a bath will not only familiarise them with the feeling of wearing them over their eyes, but also reassure them about their ability to shield their eyes from water! 
  5. Set a good example! Did you know that goggles can actually work wonders when cutting up onions for dinner.. less tears and it shows your child that goggles are a great way to protect your eyes! 

Goodluck and remember, practice, patience and persistence are key! 

*Always remember to supervise your child when they are around bodies of water (including home pools and bath tubs).

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