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Y Swim - Boat Safety and at home activity

06 Sep 2021 - Y ActivitiesY SwimY Kids

Let’s go fishing!

Try is fun fishing at home activity and imagine you are on an aquatic adventure out at sea! What creatures will you see and what places will you explore?

What you'll need:

  • A cardboard box (big enough to sit in)
  • Blue sheet or blanket (that's your water!)
  • A stick and some string (for your fishing rod)
  • Paper and something to colour with (time to design your fish and sea creatures)
  • 2 toilet rolls and some sticky tap (we need binoculars to see out into the ocean)

Let's get creative! 

  1.  Lay your blue sheet or blanket down and then place your box where you want to sit.
  2.  Grab your paper and colouring in tools and let's draw some colourful fish and sea creatures.
  3.  Cut out your sea creatures and lay them on the 'water' 
  4.  Tape your 2 toilet rolls together to create a pair of fancy aquatic binoculars!
  5.  Time to grab your fishing rod (stick with string attached)
  6.  Make sure you have you goggles with you in case you get splashed! 
  7.  Put on your life jacket (for this game it can be your favourite jacket)
  8.  Hop into your boat and it's time to explore your at home ocean!

Have fun! 

Safety tips when on a boat with kids!

1.    Always wear life jackets
2.    Learn CPR
3.    Have a first aid kit
4.    Establish and enforce rules
5.    Enrol in swim lessons

Let's ensure we are always safe and prepared when we go out onto the ocean! 

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