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Y Kids - Non-Toxic Ice Paint

07 May 2020 - Y ActivitiesY Kids

Thanks to our friends from the Children's Services team at the Y Brisbane for this fun activity!

A fun and different way for young children to explore different colours and master their fine motor skills by painting with icey creations! Suitable for ages 2+ (with parental supervision).

Ingredients & Equipment:

  • 1 cup of water
  • Food colouring
  • Short popsicle sticks
  • Ice cube tray
  • White paper
  • Old newspaper
  • Messy-play clothes


  1. Pour your water into your ice cube tray evenly.
  2. Add a few drops of food colouring to the ice cubes and mix well using the paddle pop stick.
  3. Place a paddle pop stick in to the centre of the ice cube moulds.
  4. Freeze for at least 4-6 hours – overnight is best.
  5. Lay down old newspaper on your table, then place your white paper on top.
  6. Remove the coloured ice cubes from the tray, hold on the paddle pop sticks and paint a beautiful creation on your white paper! 

Play-based learning encourages children to use their imagination - the best way to learn is through drawing, digging, role-playing, singing, crafting and more! For more fun activities, visit The Y at Home blog

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