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Level up Your Employability Through Volunteering

With unemployment rates, rising jobs have become more competitive, and potentially unachievable for youth. However, building experience when the opportunity is lacking may still be achievable through creative methods. Below is a guide on how you can set yourself apart from the pack through volunteer work.

Why Should I volunteer?

How does it benefit me? It’s not paid work why would I offer my time?

The above are all completely reasonable justifications for not wanting to engage in volunteer work.

Everyone needs to earn a living; we all find ourselves short on time & on tight schedules. These are all barriers that seek to devalue the pros of why you should volunteer.

Pros of volunteering

  • Volunteer work not only looks good on a resume but can also provide opportunities for employment. Making this a mutually beneficial experience for both the employer and employee.
  • Can be used to accumulate placement hours -- This is dependent on your area of study, teachers & University. Ensue discussion is had prior to selecting an organisation you wish to volunteer for.
  • Community Engagement – If you are consistent and regular with your voluntary work you will create meaningful relationships with staff and the community you are servicing. This can be greatly beneficial if you feel isolated and alone due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Your time is valued – employers value the work you do. You are gifting your time for something you believe in a reflection of this will flow into your work.   
  • Many organisation are flexible and open to discussion around making the work suit your unique schedule.

Cons of volunteering

  • Sometimes you don’t get paid for the work you are doing.
  • Working times may be unconventional.

How to sign up

Call your local council, ask for a list of community service providers, call & email your local services in order to check availabilities. Message all of them if you like. Keep in mind the following when making your final decision:

- How can you contribute & what this looks like?

- How do you see yourself progressing there?

- Do they align with your ethics?

Work is always more fulfilling when it’s meaningful: It is worth considering what, who, & why you are doing the work for. These considerations will allow your passion to shine through and be funnelled into an appropriate avenue. As a result, your work & will be noticed – Placing yourself in a good position when potential employment opportunities arise.

What you will need!

  • Volunteers usually go through very similar processes as employees. Which means resumes and basic personal details will likely need to be provided. Again this may vary.
  • Police checks and WWCC (working with children’s check) should be conducted free of charge by the organisation.
  • If you want your work to be acknowledged by higher education providers ensure you understand their logging process’s - have talks with teachers to confirm the volunteer work is valid and in alignment with your field of study.
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