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Y Gymnastics - Strength Dice

17 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY Kids

Build strength in your gymnastics skills with the roll of a dice - a fun activity to do solo or with a partner! Variations for Recreational/Colours gymnasts and Competitive/Advanced gymnasts.

Y Kids - Les Mills Class Highlight: Born to Move

14 Apr 2020 - Y KidsY Gymnastics

The Les Mills on Demand 'Born to Move' videos are just for kids! Designed for ages 4-16, they feed young people’s natural appetite for action, movement and fun.

Y Gymnastics - Handstand Skills!

12 Apr 2020 - Y Gymnastics

Handstands are a part of so many skills in gymnastics so it is really important to get them right and learn them correctly from the start! Read our tips and tricks for perfecting your handstands.

Y Kids - Philbert Does Gymnastics!

Philbert loves to stay active, check out his gymnastics skills! Download and print our fun gymnastics colouring sheets.

Y Kids - Philberts Eggcelent Underwater Hunt

08 Apr 2020 - Y GymnasticsY KidsY Swim

See how many eggs you can find in Philbert's aquarium!

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