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Set yourself up for success

28 Aug 2015 -

It's spring - the time where you get out from under the covers and get stuck into those fitness goals that will help you get that perfect summer body. To help you get started, we asked our Fitness Specialist Alisa Wells to share the best ways to ensure that your spring fitness goals become your summer successes.



1. Remove the clutter


Spring is the perfect time declutter your world and the expectations on your time. A great place to start is a weekly ‘rock’ diary – add all of the regular important things of your week (your rocks) eg work meetings, kids sport, family time and time out for you! Then see what you can fit in around it (the pebbles and the water). Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to things that detract from what’s important to you.

2. Schedule your exercise to suit you


Not the other way around. A common mistake when starting or renewing an exercise plan is trying to fit it in around the gym’s schedule. Set yourself up to succeed by having expectations you can meet, not doing this is the #1 reason for stopping regular exercise.

How do I do that? Schedule sessions on your terms, go to your weekly diary/calendar on your phone and look for 2-3 times you have available each week. Then see what’s available on your gym’s schedule that you’d like to attend. Your favourite class not on when you can make it? No problem! Speak with a trainer at your YMCA to design an enjoyable program you can complete at this time – all helping to get you closer to your goals. This add the benefits of both variety and more importantly, consistency with your exercise.

3. Surround yourself with others like you


When starting a new exercise plan, it may seem you are alone on the journey. The truth is that your gym is full of people just like you! Whether they are starting out or a little further down the track, everyone began somewhere and you’ll be surprised to find the amount of support and encouragement your new gym buddies will be able to provide.

Don’t be shy. Ask the super fit person next to you on the treadmill how they started and what they found helpful. You’ll be amazed at the circle of support available all around you.

4. Small Steps to Success

Start looking at success as a whole lot of small consistent steps towards something you want – the best self you can be. All too often we measure success by the ultimate outcome when the truth is that you are achieving positive things each and every week on the way to this!

Remember that the scales are only one part of your progress, a new weight lifted, a new level on your cardio or a new fitness class tried are all great measures of success. Put simply, if you’re doing things you have not done before, you’re achieving and moving forward on your journey! 

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