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Liliie's story: "YMCA has played a massive part in my recovery"

28 Jul 2015 -

Since coming to our YMCA Lake Haven Recreation Centre in 2014, Lillie's life has been turned around, this is her story...

"In 2012 I was involved in a car accident that left me in a coma. When I came out the coma, I had a traumatic brain injury and I had to teach myself to walk and talk again.

I first came to YMCA Lake Haven Recreation Centre just over a year ago on a casual basis as part of my rehabilitation. The staff are really nice and have taken a real interest in me and my recovery. Every time I come in, someone asks how I am.

With their help, I have progressed from only being able to do light exercise to being able to come to the gym twice a day! I am now member of the centre and my future goals are to gain and maintain weight and muscle, become stronger and increase cardio fitness. I also want to increase my stamina and have a full time job.

I thank all the staff at YMCA Lake Haven who have had a massive part to play in my recovery!"

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