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Foods that make you feel good

13 Sep 2016 - Nutrition

Believe it or not food can have a huge impact on your mood. If you are wondering how than let’s get the boring scientific stuff out of the way. In fact, let’s just pop it into a picture.

5 ways to get your kids to eat their vegetables

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can be tough, but here are some ideas to make mealtimes a little less painful - and a lot more nutritious!

Are all calories created equal?

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

The science and study of nutrition has been around for a long time. But much of what we thought we knew has changed over the years.

Healthy Holiday Nutrition Tips

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

The holidays are a time to celebrate. As you partake in a few indulgences it is a perfect time to reflect on what you are eating and how a few simple changes could make a real difference now and in the New Year! Try following these healthy eating tips….

Your healthy, kid-friendly after school snack guide

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

I remember arriving home from school ravenous as a child. Growing bodies need lots of energy and I was a particularly active young one. I begged Mum to stop at the newsagent for an ice-cream or a handful of lollies to remedy the hunger pangs.

Workout tip: what to eat and when

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Food plays an important role when it comes to exercise. What you eat and when you eat it can be crucial to getting the results you’re after.

Not so healthy "health" foods (and how to avoid them)

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Some foods sound healthy but are actually loaded with fat or sugar. Particularly when you’re ordering food from a café or restaurant, or buying pre-packaged food, things are not always as they seem.

8 easy dietitian-approved meals for busy families

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

With these easy meal options you can be sure your family is eating something both healthy and tasty.

Protein - the facts

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Protein - we’re told we need it, but where can you get it from and how much do you need?

Why hydration matters more than you think

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

In Australia we are very vigilant about sun protection. Even as an adult, “Slip, slop, slap and wear a cap” still rings through my ears on warm days. But there’s another piece of protecting ourselves against our sunny climate that’s often overlooked: HYDRATION.

8 alternatives to sugar-loaded soft drinks

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

For previous generations of Australians, soft drinks were mostly an occasional treat. But in recent years they have become far more popular and many people now drink them every day.

7 ways to outsmart the supermarket (and make your shopping experience more enjoyable)

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Navigating the supermarket can be daunting, particularly if you’re trolling the aisles with a couple of kids.

Protein Pancakes

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Looking for a quick and delicious post workout breakfast? Or just a yummy (and healthy) snack?

Is barbecued meat a health hazard?

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Aussies love a good barbie. On any given sunny day, you can find folks all over Australia firing up the Weber, knocking back a cold one as sausages, steak, and kebabs blacken on the grill. In fact, barbecuing is right up there with vegemite and cricket as one of the cornerstones of Australian culture. But does our love of all things char-grilled come at a cost?

6 ways to avoid overeating

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Overeating is one of the main contributors to the current obesity epidemic in Australia. Many of us eat more than is needed to meet our daily nutritional and energy requirements, but that doesn’t mean we all need to go on a diet of carrot sticks and water.

Nutrition panels explained

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

What do you look for when you’re doing the grocery shopping? Do you avoid fatty foods, buy gluten free products or simply look for what’s on special? How can you tell what type of bread is best and which yoghurt to choose?

Superfoods: Dietary Dynamos or Marketing Myths?

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Is there really anything 'super' about these foods? Or is it all marketing hype?

Portable recipe ideas - good nutrition on the go!

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

We’ve all heard about how important eating well is to support your fitness goals. This doesn’t mean however that you have to spend hours in the kitchen or eat the same bland food every single day.

DIY raw chocolate Easter treats

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

Looking for an alternative to sugar-laden chocolate treats this Easter? Give this recipe a try!

What to eat before a swim

01 Jan 1979 - Nutrition

We’ve all heard stories of elite swimmers heaping piles of spaghetti onto their plate, and consuming family-sized portions. American swimmer, Michael Phelps, is famous for consuming 10 000 Calories (41 800kJ) a day; roughly fives times that of the average adult. While most of us don’t need anywhere near that much fuel, eating enough of the right food before and after a swim can help you perform better and recover faster.

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