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Spring Clean Your Mind

13 Sep 2016 - Lifestyle

The listed health benefits of positivity include lower rates of stress and depression, greater resistance to common illnesses or more serious chronic disease, improved coping skills during times of hardship and greater psychological and physical wellbeing.

Social connectedness

13 Sep 2016 - Lifestyle

A recent Australian study has shown that we are more digitally connected than ever with an estimated 87% of Australians accessing the internet every day. There are some huge positives to digital connection with it now far easier to stay in touch with family and friends over Facebook, share photos over Instagram or find and meet new people with the same interests on a whole range of apps and websites. Yet all this great stuff aside, we are now far less likely to actually pick up the phone to talk to someone or make the effort to meet in person.

Wellness is the new Fitness

13 Sep 2016 - Lifestyle

An online search for the word ‘fitness’ pulls up page upon page of commercial fitness brands all vying for your attention and ultimately, your dollars. And it’s big business. The fitness industry in Australia has seen an unprecedented boom in the past decade with five times more gyms, studios, bootcamps, boxes or boutiques now competing for a similar consumer share.

Healthy Holiday Planning Tips

23 Dec 2015 - Lifestyle

The holidays provide precious moments to relax, socialise and think about your future. In doing so, remember all of your successes in 2015 and think about the quick changes you can make to prepare yourself for 2016. Here's to a Healther and Happier You in the New Year!

Set yourself up for success

28 Aug 2015 - Lifestyle

It's spring - the time where you get out from under the covers and get stuck into those fitness goals that will help you get that perfect summer body. To help you get started, we asked our Fitness Specialist Alisa Wells to share the best ways to ensure that your spring fitness goals become your summer successes.

5 ways to keep the kids entertained these school holidays

30 Mar 2015 - Lifestyle

It's every parent's nightmare - how to keep the kids entertained and the holidays stress-free. We've taken some of the hard work out of coming up with ways to make sure your kids aren’t climbing the walls by the end of week one these school holidays with these five ideas!

5 ideas for a healthier, happier Valentine's Day

12 Feb 2015 - Lifestyle

The sweetest day of the year is upon us. Whether you’re coupled-up or enjoying the single life this Valentine’s day there’s bound to be a few heart-shaped sweet treats hitting your lips. While a small treat is no big deal, an enormous box of chocolates and a lavish dinner can leave you feeling sluggish and guilty.

Don't let Christmas weigh you down

22 Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

Traditionally, the Christmas period is a time of overindulgence, with excess eating, alcohol consumption, busy days and late nights all working to weigh us down as we ring in the New Year.

6 tips to surviving the party season

21 Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

Traditionally, the holiday season is a time of overindulgence, with excess eating, alcohol consumption, busy days and late nights all working to weigh us down as we ring in the New Year.

Packing for camp? Add these 6 items to your list

19 Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

Before you leave for camp, make sure you pack these six essentials.

Things to do inside with your kids (that aren't TV)

13 Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

It's raining outside, and the kids are stuck in the house. All they want to do is flip on the TV. But before they do that, try out these suggestions on them. They might end up finding something much more fun to do!

4 reasons to get kids into the outdoors

05 Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

In the hussle and bussle of everyday life, it's important to remember to spend some time outdoors everyday. Here are four reasons you should encourage your kids to get into nature.

Five fun (and healthy) Halloween recipes

28 Oct 2014 - Lifestyle

Halloween is just around the corner, and the kids are looking for a spooky treat to celebrate! Give these a go and get them excited about healthy snacks at the same time!

6 ways camping gears your child for life

21 Oct 2014 - Lifestyle

Camping is not only a great way to have fun and make new friends, it can be fantastic for a child's development. By challenging young people with exciting new experiences, going on camp can build character in six important ways.

7 secrets to sleeping soundly

14 Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

There’s nothing as rejuvenating as a good night’s sleep and it’s not surprising really: sleeping well is vital to all areas of your health.

Be active: for a healthy body, mind and spirit

11 Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

When you’re feeling down, stressed, or things seem to be getting a little too much, working out may be the last thing you feel like doing. But, it is probably the best thing for you.

5 tips to starting your fitness journey this spring

06 Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

The dreary wet of winter is behind us and we can just start to feel the tingle of summer sun on our skin. Spring has sprung and, I know it’s an age old cliché, but there’s never been a better time to start a new healthy habit.

Ideas for a healthier, happier Father's Day

03 Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

Did you know the YMCA played host to the first ever Father’s Day? That was back in 1910, in Washington, USA. Here are some suggestions for happy, active Father’s Day.

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