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Y NSW supports youth through adversity at Hawkesbury Oasis

The Y NSW’s popular active wellness program ‘Uplift’ will launch at the Hawkesbury Oasis on Monday, May 3, helping to tackle the roll-on effects of COVID-19 on the lives of local young people. 

Uplift is a free six-week active wellness program, designed to help young people harness the power of physical exercise to improve health, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and boost self-esteem and confidence. 

Mental health and social isolation are among the top five concerns of children and young people according to a joint report by the Australian Human Rights Commission and Kids’ Helpline into the impact of the pandemic on young Australians*. 

Y NSW Head of Youth Programs (Metro) Heather Lynn said it’s vital to equip young people early with tools to manage their wellness in the current climate. 

“We know the impact of the ongoing pandemic on young people will be long lasting and challenging,” she said. 

“Y NSW is responding proactively to this concern, bringing Uplift to Hawkesbury Oasis. The program is accessible to anybody aged 16-24 and will arm young people with resilience and positive coping strategies to tackle whatever life throws at them.” 

The program will be run by Y NSW youth worker Rose Bradshaw and a fitness instructor. Rose said the program would teach young people about exercise safety, the benefits of exercise, goal setting, eating healthy and positive mental health strategies. 

“It’s an opportunity for young people to reconnect, feel comfortable in a group setting and get back on track with their fitness and wellbeing if they have faced challenges in the past with stress, mental health, family life or friends,” she said. 

Sessions consist of a 45-minute workout followed by a 45-minute wellness workshop. Participants also receive six weeks free access to the gym throughout the program.  

Previous participant, Isabella, 18, said the program’s impact has been long lasting. 

“Mentally, emotionally, physically and socially this program has made an immense positive impact on my life. My sleep schedule and eating habits have improved, physically I’m healthier and I feel better about myself, my appearance and the way I have structured my weeks around this program,” she said. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, funds raised at the Y NSW’s recreation centres have given countless young people access to our Youth and Community programs, such as Uplift.

Of all participants taking part in 2019-2020 Uplift programs in Greater Sydney, 92% felt their physical fitness had improved and 78.8% believed their mental health had improved.

The program will run every Monday at Hawkesbury Oasis from 5.45 to 7.15pm with intake ongoing. Registrations can be made by young people or guardians and referral services at:

For more information, email or phone 0439 902 353. 

 Madeleine Clarke | 0400 974 816

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