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Resolutions to Results | Tips to Maintain Your Fitness Goals Year-Round

01 Mar 2024 - Recreation

Picture this. You started the new year with health and fitness goals but now your motivation has started to wane, life has thrown you a curveball or two and, suddenly, you’re just not feeling it anymore. Where to from here? 

Our trainers Karlee and Katelin from Mount Annan Leisure Centre have compiled the ultimate guide to conquering and maintaining your new year health and fitness resolutions. Whatever your goals may be, we’ve got your back.  

Step One 

Utilise the SMART method when setting realistic goals. We use this tool to assist in making our goals feel tangible. 

Specific: make your goals specific to what you want to achieve. 

Measurable: align some form of measurement to your goal. 

Achievable: ensure your goals are achievable and realistic. 

Relevant: make sure your goals align with your values and long-term objectives. 

Time Bound: set a realistic end date to increase motivation. 

The SMART method can increase your chances for success and give you a sense of direction, helping you to reach your goals successfully. 

Step Two 

Always remind yourself of your why? When you feel your motivation starts to wane remind yourself of your goals and that feeling of achievement. When we lose motivation it’s mostly because we’ve lost sight of what’s important to us or we feel the task is too large to achieve. These feelings can be managed by setting strong routines and non-negotiable items. You may have a goal set for five training sessions per week but your non-negotiable could be at least three sessions per week. Strong routines and non-negotiables can help with dips in motivation and allow you continue showing up for yourself. 

Step Three 

Prevent boredom and any plateaus in your fitness with a few tips: 

  • Revisit your training plan every six – eight weeks (about two months) to keep it fresh. 
  • Revisit or set new goals. 
  • Find a gym partner or someone to keep you accountable. 
  • Try a new fitness-based activity like a group fitness class or a whole new style of training. 
  • Seek advice and guidance from fitness professionals. 

This year nothing is getting in the way of your success. Let’s do this.  

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