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Les Mills Classes Sydney

Welcome to Les Mills Classes at the Y NSW – Elevate Your Fitness Experience!

At the Y NSW, we proudly offer Les Mills, a world-renowned fitness program that brings cutting-edge group fitness classes to our community. Les Mills classes are known for their dynamic and scientifically-backed workouts, expertly designed to push your limits, increase fitness levels, and deliver incredible results.

Les Mills Class Lineup

Les Mills BodyPump

Experience the ultimate full-body workout with Les Mills BodyPump. This strength training class uses high-repetition movements with light to moderate weights, set to energising music. Sculpt and tone your muscles while burning calories and improving overall strength.

Les Mills BodyCombat

Unleash your inner warrior with Les Mills BodyCombat, a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout. Punch, kick, and strike your way to improved cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and endurance. This non-contact class is perfect for all fitness levels.

Les Mills RPM

Take your cardio to new heights with Les Mills RPM, an indoor cycling class set to exhilarating music. Ride through hills, flats, and sprints as you increase your cardiovascular endurance and burn calories. Les Mills RPM is a fantastic way to boost your fitness and have fun.

Les Mills BodyBalance

Find harmony and flexibility in Les Mills BodyBalance, a fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates. This class focuses on improving strength, balance, and flexibility while promoting mindfulness and relaxation. It's the perfect way to restore both body and mind.

Les Mills CXWORX

Strengthen your core and tone your muscles with Les Mills CXWORX. This 30-minute class targets the muscles around the core, improving functional strength for a more powerful and sculpted physique.

Why Les Mills?

Expertly Designed Workouts

Les Mills classes are created by fitness professionals and backed by scientific research. Each Les Mills class is designed to deliver maximum results safely and effectively, ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

Motivating Instructors

Our certified Les Mills instructors are passionate about fitness and dedicated to motivating and inspiring you throughout your workout. Join a community that supports and uplifts each other to achieve their fitness goals.

Diverse Fitness Options

With Les Mills, you can explore a variety of workouts to keep your fitness routine exciting and challenging. From strength training to cardio and flexibility, there's a Les Mills class for every fitness enthusiast.

Join in a Les Mills Group Fitness Class at the Y NSW Today!

Ready to elevate your fitness journey? Check our class schedule, grab your workout gear, and join us for Les Mills classes at the Y NSW in Sydney. Experience the thrill, the energy, and the results that Les Mills has to offer. Your path to a fitter, healthier you starts here!

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