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The Y NSW Opens Dedicated Youth Space in Broken Hill

The Y NSW is excited to announce the opening of Y Space Broken Hill, a dedicated space specifically designed to empower and support young people in Broken Hill and the Far West region of NSW.

Y Space Broken Hill offers a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for young people aged 12-24 years. Located at the Broken Hill Wellness Centre, this dedicated space provides a place for young people to gather, socialise and connect with their peers in a positive and supporting setting.

The Y NSW has a long-standing history and commitment to supporting the young people in Broken Hill and the Far West. Through opening Y Space Broken Hill, the organisation aims to build stronger connections, foster positive change and create lasting social impact within the community.

Bringing unique experience and diversity to Y Space Broken Hill are staff members Angie Krause and Elijah Roberts-Smyth. With their combined expertise and commitment to youth empowerment and the Broken Hill community, Angie and Elijah are excited to effectively address the needs and aspirations of young people in the region.

Angie is a former expat with extensive global experience in social and juvenile justice and brings a wealth of knowledge and cultural insights to Y Space Broken Hill.

“I am filled with pride and optimism as we open the new Y Space at Broken Hill! This space represents a hub of connection, belonging and wellbeing for young people and I look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have,” said Angie.

Elijah, equipped with a degree in Human Science, utilises his knowledge of human development, psychology and social issues to create and implement programs that cater to the specific needs of young people. With a passion for sports and physical activity, Elijah understands the importance of providing engaging programs for youth that promote their overall wellbeing. Elijah also offers a unique perspective and his own lived experiences on the challenges and opportunities faced by young Indigenous individuals in the community as a young Indigenous Australian.

The Y NSW is dedicated to providing young people and their broader communities programs and services that create a meaningful difference and lasting social impact. Y Space Broken Hill offers a wide range of programs and activities designed to drive youth engagement and development, and includes:

  • Skills-based workshops and activities

  • Physical activities and sports through programs such as StreetGym

  • Creative and artistic outlets

  • Mentoring and guidance

  • Volunteering and community service

  • Access to resources and referrals

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