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13 Mar 2018 - Media ReleasesRecreation

Handy tips on improving mobility, bone strength and nutrition will be offered this month in free health and wellbeing seminars marking Seniors Week.

YMCA NSW-managed centres in the ACT are staging the talks, morning teas and a week of free access to select services from 12 to 18 March.    

Steve Naughton, YMCA Health and Fitness Manager, says Seniors Week is a great way for people to learn about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating.  

“The seminars will also provide information on reversing the effects of chronic disease and will feature helpful tips on falls prevention,” Mr Naughton says.

If seniors have the right information it can make performing daily tasks such as climbing stairs, getting items off shelves or picking up their grandchildren a whole lot easier.”

YMCA’s Seniors Week/Festival offers non-members free access to Canberra Olympic Pool, Lakeside Leisure Centre and Gungahlin Leisure Centre and their programs for the week.

All three YMCA-run centres hold PrYme Movers classes each week which focus on improving the strength, co-ordination, fitness and balance of participants.

“PrYme Movers classes aim to remove the barriers to exercise participation and provide social networking opportunities,” Mr Naughton says.

“The active seniors programs include a range of both land and water-based activities and are based on progressive resistance training. They also incorporate aerobic exercise which helps improve cognitive function.”

YMCA also runs PrYme Heart for people who are living with high-risk medical conditions or who are returning to the fitness scene with low intensity sessions.”

Seniors Festival’s free morning teas:

Canberra Olympic Pool: 10.30am, Tuesday 13 March
Gungahlin Leisure Centre: 11.30am, Wednesday 14 March
Lakeside Leisure Centre: 10.15am, Friday 16 March
For more information regarding YMCA’s Seniors Week please contact your local centre.

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