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Spotlight On Our Staff - Nicole Banning

03 Mar 2023 - RecreationStaffUpdates

At just 26 years old, Nicole Banning is the Centre Coordinator for the Wingham Memorial Swimming Pool.

Nicole first joined the Y in 2014 working part time as a lifeguard at several of our Mid North coast centres. In 2021, she applied for the position of Centre Coordinator at Wingham Memorial Swimming Pool.

“There were probably other applicants for the role who were older and more experienced than me, but the Centre Manager, Melissa Morgan, gave me a chance,” Nicole said.

“It’s clear that the Y likes to give young people opportunities whenever possible. Melissa has been a great support to Nicole, by showing her the ropes and allowing her to learn on the job. It’s been challenging at times but Melissa gives me great feedback so I can keep improving every day.”

Being such a small centre, Nicole is in charge of everything, from hiring and managing staff, to plant maintenance, managing the pool’s social media presence, running the kiosk and even stepping in as a lifeguard when needed.

“There’s so much variety to this role and I’ve really enjoyed moving into the business side of things,” she said. “I get to use my judgement and make decisions on the fly – it’s really empowering.

Nicole said her team are close. “When we go to work, it’s with friends, not just colleagues. We all value and respect each other, and I try to encourage the staff to make sure this is demonstrated through their actions at work.”

Nicole even feels appreciated by her clients.

“Wingham is a small country town and the community is pretty tight. I know all my clients – I know their families and what is going on in their lives. And they know how hard I work to keep the pool going. Locals tell me all the time how much they appreciate having the pool available to them and that they are thankful for what I do. It’s a big commitment, but it definitely makes me feel valued.

“Mel and I have also talked about my future here at the Y and what opportunities might be available down the track. It’s clear to me that she cares, not just about the role and how well I am doing in it, but about me as a person and what is best for me. There’s no doubt this makes you feel appreciated as an employee.”

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