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Looking on the Brightside

20 Sep 2016 - RecreationUpdates

The Y’s Brightside program offers opportunities for people with a  mental illness to improve their physical, social and mental health and wellbeing with access to a Y facility, a customised exercise program  and one-on-one support.

Willine’s story

Over time Willine had formed some unhealthy habits —eating only one meal a day, smoking and drinking too much and spending time with people who weren’t supporting her. She also wasn’t doing any form of exercise. Feeling down and struggling to cope, Willine’s GP referred her to YMCA NSW’s Brightside Program.

“Since joining the YMCA NSW Brightside program my life has turned around completely.”

Willine is now eating three balanced meals a day. She’s cut out a lot of her former habits, and she’s continued to make being active a priority. She’s also taking better care of her mental health and feeling much more positive. Plus, she’s inspiring those around her — both her Brightside mentors and her friends.

“Brightside showed me the benefits of getting active for both my mental and physical wellbeing.”

“During the program I visited the gym 4 to 5 times a week and I continue to go to my local Y. What I love about the gym is that you walk in with all these troubles and leave feeling a thousand times better.”

This Mental Health Month, you can help us continue to run Brightside and support people like Willine by signing up for 10 days for $10 - Before 31st October 2016, at your local Y. Get fit, feel great and do good!

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