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The Giant Swing

By Tristan @ YMCA Camp Yarramundi

As Jess is secured to the swing, she asks if she has to go to the top. I tell her that she only has to go as far as she thinks she could possibly go, then to try and go one baby step further.

The giant swing is about setting boundaries, and trying to break through them. As her team slowly pulls the rope that hauls her upwards...three metres…four metres… five metres.. She yells “Stop!”. 

Panic is all over her face. Her team below scream, “Higher, go higher Jess!”.

She searches the eyes of her team for reassurance. As they quiet down, I tell her to try and go one baby step further and then she has beaten her goal. She has gone further than she thought she could.

A minute goes on by, and Jess is still unsure. The team hauling the rope start chanting her name. Jess gives a nod and yells, “Only one more step!”.

The haul team take one step and Jess is now higher than she ever thought she could go. Her expression of panic has turned to determination. Together, the haul team and I count her down.

“Three, two, one!” 

With a whoosh of air and a gasp, Jess flies through the air. On her return swing she greets me with a triumphant smile. As she comes to a stop, I ask her if she is proud of herself. She nods excitedly and tells me that if she could go again, she would go to the top. 

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