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How to Motivate Yourself

06 Jul 2020 - Y We Are Here

Procrastination is a word most of us are all too familiar with. Whilst Tony Robbins and Shia Labeouf provide great motivational support, it's a good idea to equip yourself with the tools to motivate yourself from within.

Here are some simple methods to keep yourself motivated:




  • Define a specific, clear end goal for yourself.
  • Whilst your ultimate goal might seem hard to achieve, don't feel discouraged. Split your work up into smaller segments, that feel more achievable. Work towards your goal step by step.
  • Using a calendar and setting up a routine will add structure to your life. By making a commitment to following your calendar, you will eventually get into an effortless working rhythm. Go one step further by creating a list and physically crossing each task out as you complete it. This will instil a drive to keep going until the list is complete.
  • Take some time to visualise obtaining your goal. Visualise having it, doing it, achieving it, or being it. What does it feel like? How does this make you feel? Use this positive feeling to drive you and motivate you.
  •  If you know someone who has achieved the same goal before, try to follow their example. This might be a public figure or someone you know personally. Use their narrative and any advice they may have shared to give you extra motivation to keep going.


  • Often the biggest thing that can get in the way of completing a task is yourself. Give yourself that push by reiterating positive affirmations, you can do anything you put your mind to. 
  • Decide ahead of time how you will deal with setbacks. This will make you more prepared to deal with them instead of letting them get in the way of your work.

Turn it into a Positive Experience:

  • Remind yourself of the benefits and rewards that come with completing your goal or task.
  • There can be a variety of methods to achieving a desired goal. Try to find enjoyable ways to make the task more exciting. For example, if you're looking to get fitter but going to the gym alone is too daunting, try a group workout class.
  • Try giving yourself a reward for accomplishing your end goal. Working towards a reward is a fantastic motivator. You can even give yourself small rewards (a treat, phone time, a break to relax, etc) every time you complete a task along the way.
  • Breaks are essential to prevent burn out. Working too hard without stopping can make you less productive, by exhausting yourself. Whether it's a 5-minute break periodically to stretch or to grab a bite to eat, or a day off in the week to reset, breaks are important.

Engage with Others:

  • Find someone to hold you accountable. Whether it's a friend, family member, mentor, or colleague, get them to check in with you regularly for updates on your progress.
  • Join a group that is working towards the same end goal. Whether that's a fitness group, a study group or a class, working with others makes getting the job done easier.
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