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"I’m not as shy as I used to be before Streetgym – meeting and talking to new people really helps"

Shantelle and Retav - Youth Programs
Shantelle and Retav  - Youth Programs Shantelle loves participating in Streetgym

Basketball, boxing, circus skills, Austag and gymnastics are just some of the activities enticing young people to come together at local parks in Y NSW's Streetgym program.

Run at a variety of locations, the free program offers a safe, inclusive place for 12 to 18 year olds to meet new friends, take part in non-competitive sport and activities, mindfulness exercises and a healthy afternoon tea.

Shantelle, 17, enjoys participating in Streetgym each week at Birriwa Reserve Outdoor Youth Space, Mt Annan.

"Because I’m one of the older people, you’ve got to take that leadership role with the younger kids. It gives them an option to do something fun without having to worry about anything.

The power of connection

You come down to the park after school and you get to play with your friends. It’s easy that it’s the same time every week, at the same place.

I personally enjoy being able to play sport in an uncompetitive environment. It’s all for fun and that’s something that I enjoy a lot. Everyone is so nice and all the people are really encouraging."

Retav enjoys participating in the free Streetgym program
Young people enjoying Streetgym in action

Outside and active

Fellow Streetgym participant Retav, 16, agrees the program has made a big impact on his life.

"Normally I'd be at home playing the Xbox or something. Now I’m socialising more, talking to people I wouldn’t usually talk to. I’m used to playing with people my age and now I'm also playing with people younger and older, socializing better.

On Tuesday afternoons I had nothing to do but now I get to play with different kinds of people, playing new sports.

Having the Youth Workers involved has made it a lot easier to join in. They really do a good job. They're fun, they're playful, but they know what they’re doing and they do take it seriously. They make it a more enjoyable place – a safe, fun place."

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