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"St Mary’s South has above and beyond service. You wouldn’t get that anywhere else."

Tegan Williams
Tegan Williams Tegan and her son William have found a second family and sense of community at the Y NSW St Mary's South.

Tegan, a seasoned childcare professional with 23 years’ experience, perfectly understands the importance of a nurturing and safe environment for children. When it came to selecting a center where her son William would thrive, Tegan knew instantly that Y NSW St. Mary’s South was the perfect place.  

“I can’t fault the center at all. They’re our second family,” Tegan says. As a team staff member herself, Tegan knew she could entrust the care of William to staff like Skye and Jessie.  

St Mary’s South displays an unwavering commitment to treating both parents equally, something that has prime importance in families like Tegan’s. “Staff never judge single parents which allows everyone to feel comfortable, safe, and included,” explains Tegan.  

The center’s size allows staff to build strong connections with each child as well as their families, fostering a genuine sense of care and belonging. “It really is a community with a comfortable vibe. They love and support William there.” 

During William’s time at St. Mary’s South, Tegan has witnessed many transformations in her son. A continuing highlight is the change in William’s relationship with food. Thanks to dedicated staff William has been able to understand nutrition, healthy eating habits and try new things. William’s exploration with food has extended to his home life. “They know how hard it can be to get kids to eat good food, so they really use language tailored to the children,” she explains.  

The center continues their thoughtful and child-based approach during days like Book Week and Vacation Care, making life easier for parents like Tegan who work during the school holidays. “They take the kids to places and do things with them that are really in their ‘league’.” 

Describing the atmosphere at the center, Tegan says walking in feels like a big hug. “They offer William a nurturing environment that fuels his passion for things like construction toys and activities.” The sense of community is palpable, extending to staff, children, and parents alike. “They are supportive and amazing. They really nail it every time.” 

“I walk in knowing that he’s taken care and that they’re in control,” Tegan expresses. “They know everyone’s dynamic situation and they’re really there for us. They’re the first to support William when he’s sad and the first to give him a high five when he’s done something awesome.” 

For Tegan and William, St. Mary’s South is more than just a childcare center. It’s a place where they’ve found a second family, safety and support that helps them both flourish.  

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