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"Being a Muslim woman in the workplace, particularly at the Y, has been an empowering and fulfilling experience"

Iman - Youth Worker
Iman - Youth Worker Iman (middle) pictured with her colleagues.

Meet Iman, a dedicated youth worker who embarked on her journey at the Y NSW in 2023. As a Muslim woman, she shares her insights and experiences navigating the workplace. 

"Being a Muslim woman in the workplace, particularly at the Y, has been an empowering and fulfilling experience," she reflects. “The Y's commitment to embracing diversity creates an inclusive environment where staff can freely express their identities.” 

This environment has provided Iman with the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from various backgrounds, fostering mutual respect and understanding. 

Iman's identity as a Muslim woman is notably symbolised by her hijab, a religious head covering. At the Y Iman has received positivity and support from her colleagues. 

"They have shown respect for my choice and have been curious to learn more about my cultural and religious practices," she shares. This acceptance has instilled a sense of belonging, allowing Iman to fully engage in her work. 

A poignant moment for Iman was on World Hijab Day, where her colleagues wore hijabs in a gesture of solidarity and respect. This experience not only fostered empathy and understanding but also strengthened relationships within the workplace. 

Iman also appreciates the Y's support during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and reflection for Muslims. Flexible working hours, prayer accommodations, and understanding of religious obligations have been instrumental in allowing Iman to observe her faith while fulfilling her professional duties. 

"Support during Ramadan has shown me the Y's commitment to inclusivity and has made me feel valued as an employee.” 

Despite occasional misconceptions and challenges regarding her religion, Iman has embraced opportunities to educate her colleagues, fostering a culture of acceptance through open dialogue and respectful conversations. 

The Y has implemented various initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion, including cultural heritage celebrations and workshops. These efforts have cultivated a sense of belonging for Iman where mutual respect is paramount.  

"The Y's commitment to diversity and inclusion has provided a supportive environment for me as a Muslim employee, allowing me to thrive both personally and professionally," she affirms. 

Looking ahead, Iman suggests organisations enhance their support for Muslim employees by providing cultural sensitivity training, dedicated prayer spaces, and halal food options at events. To further promote diversity and inclusion organisations can foster open communication, implement training programs, create resource groups, and establish inclusive policies. 

Iman's journey at the Y exemplifies the positive impact of embracing diversity and fostering inclusion in the workplace. Her experiences underscore the importance of creating environments where individuals of diverse backgrounds feel valued, respected, and empowered.  

As we celebrate Harmony Day, let’s continue to work towards building communities where differences are celebrated, understanding is cultivated, and unity is strengthened. 

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