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"We’re in the business of equipping young people to be the absolute best that they can possibly be…"

Bryan Jader - Career at the Y
Bryan Jader - Career at the Y .

We challenge each other not for the sake of challenging but to make sure that we’re being the best that we can be.

One way that the Y inspires others is that we give platforms for people and whether it’s a program participant or it’s an employee, we give that person an opportunity to have a voice, to say something or to act.

For my career I think it’s really important to have opportunities to grow, and for the three years that I’ve been at the Y, those opportunities have been endless.

Image of Bryan at the Y head office with colleagues

Not only am I in a role that gets me out there in the field and, you know, to capture content, take photos, take video – every day is different. I stay at the Y because of the people and the culture. You actually really do feel like a family.

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