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Y NSW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The following is the current Y NSW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy as it relates to our people, our customers and partners. We will update this policy in line with public health guidance. This policy is endorsed and supported by our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team.

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership team of the Y NSW established a policy on vaccination for the coronavirus. The policy was announced on 6 October 2021.

The Y NSW’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy states that all Y employees and customers over the age of 16 in New South Wales to be fully vaccinated to enter a Y centre or site unless they have a medical exemption.

To establish this policy, the leadership of the Y NSW consulted its employees for their views and, in line with our values and commitment to keeping our people and our communities safe, healthy and connected, the organisation announced this policy.

The best way for the Y NSW to provide a safe and healthy workplace and community environment is for people to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Therefore, when visiting a Y NSW recreation, fitness, aquatics, sports, gymnastics or support service office in New South Wales, you will be required to provide a record of your COVID-19 vaccination in print or digitally. This also applies if you are currently considering working at the Y NSW at a New South Wales site – all new talent will be required to produce their COVID-19 vaccination certification or exemption. If you are medically exempt, please produce documentation on entry or application.

Y NSW employees working in Children’s Services (Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care) are required to have had a double dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 8 November 2021 under the current Public Health Order in place for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. The Y has now extended this policy to all employees working at our NSW sites.

“This vaccination requirement is part of our new COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, which was endorsed and approved by our Board,” said Susannah Le Bron, CEO of the Y NSW.

“Everything we do at the Y NSW is about ensuring community health and wellbeing can thrive and I know that our people are committed to this in every aspect of their work. Vaccination against COVID-19 will mean we can all thrive and undertake our work for the Y with our safety, the safety of our teammates, and the safety of our community at the forefront of all we do.

“It's important for me to call out that currently this policy applies to our staff who work at our sites based in NSW and not those based in the ACT. We are still working through how this policy may apply to our ACT workers, but for now given that NSW is significantly more populous than the Territory, has significantly higher COVID cases and that the NSW Government have provided clear guidance on their requirements, the decision has been made that for the time being the policy only applies to our people who work in centres and facilities in NSW,” said Ms Le Bron.

The Y stands by its Organisational Values, which are core to the not-for-profit’s direction and policies. The Board of Directors and the Executive team have mandated the COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement to visit and work at the Y because we are:

For more information on The Y NSW’s Covid-19 Vaccination Policy, click here to read the initial announcement.

  • Responsible for ensuring we are doing all we can, including getting vaccinated, to protect our teammates and the wider community.
  • Caring for those who cannot medically receive the vaccine because they don’t have the choice. This includes children under 12 years of age and those who are medically exempt, and we know that our collective strength in getting vaccinated means they will be safer.
  • Respectful of each other and show kindness to one another and our customers as we continue to navigate the application of our Vaccination policy and how that will apply to our direct
  • Honest with you and will continue to be transparent with you on all matters relating to vaccination. We will continue to provide you with information from reputable sources about COVID-19 vaccines and guidance on where to access a vaccine.
  • Committed to prioritising Safety – for you, our customers and our communities. Safety always comes first, and we know that by getting vaccinated, we are providing a workplace and a service environment for our customers that is healthier and safer for everyone.

For more information on The Y NSW’s Covid-19 Vaccination Policy, click here to read the initial announcement.

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