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At the Y NSW, we operate over 50 locations for Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Broken Hill, which provide a safe and enriching place for children to have inspired minds and active bodies.

We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions below – and if at any time you need further assistance, please contact our Child Care Team on 1300 009 679.

Before and After School Care

Where does the Y operate Before and After School Care?

The Y NSW operates Before and After School Care at over 50 locations throughout NSW, including Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Broken Hill.



Is there food provided?

Yes, we provide nutritious breakfasts and afternoon tea. Please discuss any specific dietary requirements or restrictions with your service.

Can my child use a personal electronic device during a session?

Use of personal electronic devices are not permitted in the Y NSW OSHC services. Should your child need to get in contact with you, they may use the Y NSW service phone. The Y will not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of these items.

Will my child be allowed to do homework?

A quiet space can be provided for children to do their homework, however educators are unable to offer individual help as they need to supervise all children.

Educators do not make homework time compulsory for any child, as the main focus of our program is recreation and leisure in a safe, fun and supervised environment.

What should I do with my child’s medication?

Prescribed medication must be handed directly to a staff member before leaving the child in care and an Administration of Medication Form completed. Please note, all medications must be pharmaceutically dispensed with the child’s name, dosage and be within the expiry date.

Vacation Care

Where does the Y operate Vacation Care?

The Y NSW operations Vacation Care during the NSW School Holidays at over 30 locations throughout NSW. We welcome both existing Y NSW OSHC families and new families to our Vacation Care services during the school holidays.



What are the different types of activities at Vacation Care?

Day Camps are in-service activities and experiences provided by the Y educators.
Workshops are in-service activities and experiences provided by external partners of choice.
Excursions are activities and experiences provided outside of the licensed premise.

Can Kindergarten children attend Vacation Care excursions?

Kindergarten children can attend Vacation Care Workshops or Day Camps once enrolled in formal schooling in the Vacation Care period prior to commencing school (eg January holidays of the year they begin school). As per the National Regulations, risk assessments are conducted for each excursion, and the Centre Coordinator will determine if planned excursions are suitable for Kindergarten children to attend in the Vacation Care period prior to commencing school. Kindergarten children can attend all other planned excursions in following Vacation Care periods for the year.

For more information, please refer to the Y NSW Excursion Policy and Procedure, available at your service.

When do Vacation Care bookings open?

During week 6 of each school term, Vacation Care bookings will open for the next School Holiday period. Keep an eye on our website for further details.



How do I book Vacation Care (via website)?

Log in to your My Family Lounge account on a PC or laptop.

Customers who are new to the Y OSHC must first complete enrolment forms, as per instructions listed below. Once enrolment forms are submitted, a member of our team will give you access to book Vacation Care via your My Family Lounge account.

Existing families who are already enrolled at a Y OSHC service can book via their My Family Lounge account.

From the Enrolment Dashboard, scroll down to CASUAL BOOKINGS and click ADD CASUAL BOOKING.

  1. Select the child’s name, service and room (Vacation Care) from the drop-down lists
  2. Click the required date on the grid from the green (available) dates
  4. Repeat for each additional day as required
  5. Click SAVE AND EXIT to confirm changes

For your booking, you will be able to view current places available, cost per day, and the terms and conditions for our Vacation Care program.

Please note Vacation Care bookings cannot be amended or cancelled once booked in.

How do I book Vacation Care (via mobile app)?

Existing families who are already enrolled at a Y OSHC service can book via the My Family Lounge app.

  1. Download and open app, using your existing My Family Lounge login details
  2. Click on BOOKINGS
  3. Select child’s name and Vacation Care from the list of available options
  4. Swipe across the calendar to the vacation care dates, marked in green
  5. Select dates required individually

(NOTE: new families will need to follow the steps for new enrolment via our website, before being able to use the app.)

What should my child wear to Vacation Care?

For day camps and workshops, children must wear appropriate clothing for the season, a broad brimmed hat and enclosed shoes. For excursions, children must wear a Y NSW Vacation Care T-Shirt which can be collected from the service and charged to your account. School uniforms are not required.

Please note, the Y NSW is a sun safe service and children are encouraged to have shoulders covered.

What should my child bring to Vacation Care?

Children should bring a hat, water bottle and any food required. Please check with your local service details on meals provided. Children should also bring any personal items to support their individual care needs (e.g. medication or change of clothes).

I’ve booked in a Vacation Care day, am I able to cancel it?

No. Cancellations or refunds are not accepted for Vacation Care bookings.

Starting a New Enrolment

What is My Family Lounge?

At the Y NSW OSHC, families can manage enrolments for Before School, After School and Vacation Care through our online booking system, My Family Lounge.

My Family Lounge is available as a desktop website and mobile phone app (on Apple and Android).

Once enrolled, having an online account gives you access to manage your bookings online, 24/7. View all existing bookings, make new casual bookings for BASC or Vacation Care, submit a waitlist request for a permanent booking, report absences, update your details, and more at the touch of a button!

How do I create an online account with My Family Lounge?

Customers who are new to the Y OSHC:
You can register for a My Family Lounge online account with your name and email address using our unique Y NSW portal link.


Existing families who are already enrolled at a Y OSHC service:
If you are currently enrolled with us please log into you My Family Lounge account and sign in using the email address and password you provided at the time of enrolment.


How do I submit enrolment forms?

Log in to your My Family Lounge account.

  1. Complete Parent/Guardian contact details and emergency contact details (please ensure Primary Parent/Guardian is the same person linked to the child with Centrelink for CCS purposes)
  2. Complete child details – including child CRN, photo, medical conditions & dietary restrictions, court order and parenting plans, immunisation history record, and any other details relevant to their care
  3. Click SUBMIT when all details are completed
  4. Download and complete a Direct Debit Authorisation Form here, and return via email to or alternatively by downloading the MFL app.

Please note: Families may be required to attend individual care meetings prior to confirmation of enrolment. Additional documentation may be required based on your child’s care needs.

Can I make a regular permanent booking?

Yes! Please log into your My Family Lounge account and submit a booking request and we will be in contact once a position is available.

How do I make a booking request for permanent care?

Log in to your My Family Lounge account.

From the Enrolment Dashboard, scroll to BOOKING REQUEST section and click on NEW REQUEST.

  1. Tick required care (Before School or After School Care)
  2. Choose service location
  3. Preferred start date
  4. Number of days per week required
  5. Preferred days of care
  6. Click SAVE

You will then be temporarily placed on our waitlist. If a permanent position is available, an offer will be sent out via email with further instructions. If no permanent positions are available, you will remain on the waitlist.

Can I make a casual booking?

Yes! So long as places are available.

Casual bookings can be booked via My Family Lounge, 1 week in advance and up to 48 hours, prior to when care is required.

For casual bookings occurring within 48 hours of when care is required, families must contact the Child Care Team directly on 1300 009 679.

Please note, a casual booking surcharge applies per child, per session.

How do I add/update my child’s photo?

Log in to your My Family Lounge account.

From the Enrolment Dashboard, scroll to CHILD section and click on VIEW ENROLMENT. Click CHILD INFORMATION on the left, then and upload a clear photo of your child’s face.

Please click SUBMIT once completed.

How do I add/update my child’s immunisation information?

Obtain a copy of your child’s Medicare Immunisation History Statement via your MyGov account.

Log in to your My Family Lounge account.

From the Enrolment Dashboard, scroll to CHILD section and click on VIEW ENROLMENT. Click IMMUNISATIONS on the left, then upload your Medicare Immunisation History Statement.

Please click SUBMIT once completed.

Do families need to register with myGov?

In order to receive the Child Care Subsidy, eligible families are required to confirm childcare enrolments via their myGov account under Centrelink before the subsidy can be applied.

What is a CRN?

A CRN (Centrelink Customer Reference Number) is used to identify your Centrelink account for the purpose of claiming Child Care Subsidy (CCS) on your OSHC fees. It is 9 numbers and ends with a letter. For example: 123 456 789A.

Each individual person has a unique CRN. Please ensure each parent and each child has a unique number when completing your enrolment.

What if my child has an ongoing medical condition?

For ongoing medical conditions, including allergies and asthma, you must provide us a current Medical Management Plan completed by a medical practitioner.
You will need to attend an individual care meeting with the Centre Coordinator prior to enrolment and provide ongoing updates as required.

Medication must be provided to the service, clearly labeled with your child’s name and instructions on how to administer prior to commencement of care.

Please note, confirmation of enrolment cannot be made, and children cannot attend care until all required documentation has been provided. In the event of document expiry, a child may be excluded from the Centre until up-to-date plans have been provided.

Changes to Existing Enrolments

Can I change my permanent days?

Yes, provided there are vacancies available. Please note standard notice periods apply to decrease days.

To request the change, Log in to your My Family Lounge account.

From the Enrolment Dashboard, scroll to CURRENT BOOKINGS section and click EDIT.

  1. Ensure your center is selected
  2. Select your preferred start date
  3. Selecting the number of days required
  4. Select all days required
  5. Enter any comments
  6. Click save

If vacancies are available, we will confirm your booking as soon as possible. If unavailable, your request will remain on the waitlist.

Can I swap days or do make up days?

No, the Y NSW does not offer make up days or swap days.

How do I update my billing details?

Log in to your My Family Lounge mobile app and select PAYMENT DETAILS.

  1. Click the pencil icon.
  2. Select “Credit Card” or "Bank Account” at the top, then enter your new billing details.
  3. Click ADD DETAILS to save.

Please note, you are unable to update billing details via the My Family Lounge website, it is only available via the My Family Lounge mobile app.

How do I withdraw from care?

To withdraw from care, we require two weeks’ written (email) notice. You may use this online form to submit your written notice - Withdraw From Care Form

Please note, a child must attend on the last day of care. No Child Care Subsidy is payable for any session of care that occurs after the last day a child physically attended care at the provider.

This means that if a provider submits absences for a child after the last day a child physically attended childcare, no Child Care Subsidy is payable for those absences and you will be required to pay any outstanding charges that may occur as a result.

I’ve booked in a casual session for before / after school care, am I able to cancel it?

Yes, provided a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is given. You are able to cancel a casual booking by contacting the Child Care Team directly on 1300 009 679.

If you have paid in advance, your account will be credited and reconcile against your next direct debit.

I’ve booked in a Vacation Care day, am I able to cancel it?

No. Cancellations are not accepted for Vacation Care bookings.


What if children are sick?

Children should not attend any of our programs if they are unwell. Please ensure you inform the service if your child will not be attending and abide by the illness exclusion periods. If a child becomes unwell while attending our services, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child. If your child is injured whilst at the service, you will be notified. For both injury or illness, you will be required to sign the Incident/Injury/Trauma and Illness Record that an educator will complete.

What if a person shows signs of an infectious disease?

When any child or educator is found to be showing signs of an infectious disease:

  • We will contact you immediately to collect your child and encourage you to seek medical advice. You are expected to arrive in a timely manner. If this is not possible, alternate arrangements must be made for collection of your child and the service must be notified of these arrangements.
  • For any illness or conditions that require a medical certificate to clear the child or educator from the illness, we refer to the Staying Healthy in Childcare Edition 5, available at: This medical certificate will be required by the Service Coordinator before that child or educator can return to the program.
  • Clear medical information, such as signs and symptoms of any illness or condition, will be posted in the parent area.

What are your policies for COVID-19?

For up-to-date information on our COVID-19 Access Policy, please see here:


Is there a bus service provided?

At some locations, bus services are provided to pick up/drop off children from external schools. Please contact your local service for further information.

If required, how will my child be transported?

Due to the location of some our services, there may be a need to transport children to and from school as well as to and from excursions.

Services may use the Y NSW vehicles and drivers, commercial drivers or public transport.

In order to ensure the safety of all children in all situations, a Transport Policy is in place to govern transport practices.

Please speak to your Service to find out the pickup and drop off points at your school.

Parental consent for transportation of children will be sought during the enrolment process. Thorough risk assessments are conducted and, where specific activities such as excursions require transportation, permission will be sought.

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