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YMCA NSW OSHC centres are safe places where your child can grow. Book a place now.

We take enrolments online through My Family Lounge (MFL). You can use this portal to create yearly enrolments for Before and After School Care as well as casual bookings for Vacation Care.

And you only need to register once. Once you've created your account, use it to book both Before and After School Care and Vacation Care. 

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New Customer? 

Just following these three easy steps...

Step 1 – Register

If you’re new to our services and:

If you already use our services but don’t have an account, contact us and we’ll set one up for you.

Step 2 – Create your profile

Once you’ve registered, sign in and hit 'Start Enrolment' to tell us about you, your child or children. 

Step 3 – Book a spot for your child or children

For Before and After school Care: Create a 'Booking Request', choosing the days and start date. 

If you're enquiring about a yearly enrolment, we’ll be in touch within two business days to advise whether we have a spot available.

For Vacation Care: Just create a 'Casual Booking' and your child or children are booked in for Vacation Care. 

You can also book Vacation Care spots using the MFL app - but make sure you complete step 2! 

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