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Swimming Squads

Boost Your Swim with Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre's Swim Squads Sydney Program

Ready to step up your swimming game? Dive into Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre's exciting swim squads in West Pymble! Whether you're a water enthusiast or aiming to make a splash in competitions, our swimming squads are the perfect challenge for those looking for more advanced swimming classes. Improve your strokes, build endurance, and reach your fitness goals through well-structured and invigorating training.

Our Special Approach

At the Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre, we believe in nurturing individual growth and success in our swim squads. Our dedicated and certified professional coaches are here to help swimmers of all levels refine their skills and improve their performance. Whether you're focused on perfecting your technique or aiming for the top spot on the podium, our coaches are here to provide expert guidance and support. We welcome swimmers of all ages and experiences to be part of our local swimming community.

Personalised Training for You

Our swim squads offer training programs designed to match your strengths, areas for improvement and performance targets. Whether you're getting ready for local competitions or setting personal milestones, our squads create a supportive and motivating environment. Through carefully planned drills and training sessions, each session becomes a rewarding challenge. Our program focuses on improving your strokes, building endurance and overall fitness, and helping you succeed both in and out of the water.

The Benefits of Swim Squads

Joining our swim squads comes with many advantages:

  • Building Connections: Our squads are more than just training groups – they're a close-knit community of swimmers who share your passion for swimming. Connect with fellow swimmers and make lasting friendships that extend beyond the pool.
  • Improving Health and Performance: Swim squads offer rigorous training that boosts cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and mental resilience. Experience tangible improvements in your swimming performance and overall well-being.
  • Exploring Swimming Mastery: Whether you're working on your flip turns or perfecting your breathing technique, our swim squads will ignite a lifelong love for the details of swimming that will stay with you in all your aquatic adventures.

Are There Swimming Squads Near Me?

Absolutely! Our swim squads are conveniently located at the Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre in West Pymble. With various training times available to suit your schedule, fitting squad training into your daily routine is a breeze.

Squad Program

Our expert squad coaches teach both kids and adults stroke correction and development in preparation for competitions. This is the perfect program for kids who have completed our swimming lesson program and would like to continue developing their swimming skills. 

Development Squad

  • Development squad is for swimmers looking at transitioning to squad seamlessly.
  • Up to 2 sessions per week. 

Bronze Squad

  • Bronze squad is for swimmers looking to compete at senior state or national level. 
  • Up to 5 sessions per week. 

Silver Squad

  • Silver squad is for young swimmers who demonstrate efficient technique as well as endurance. At this level, swimmers should be preparing for qualifying and country level meets. 
  • Swimmers are required to swim 50m of each stroke utilising efficient technique and meet time cycle requirements. 
  • Up to 5 sessions per week. 

What to bring and other info: 

  • Squad entry and level is determined by the Head Squad Coach. 
  • Equipment needed includes kickboard, pool buoy, fins and a kit bag. 
  • How much do squad lessons cost?

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Let's Get Started

Joining our swim squads is just a stroke away. Contact us today, and our team will guide you through the easy enrolment process. For any questions or information you need, we're here to ensure you begin your swimming journey with confidence. Become part of the swimming community in West Pymble and take your skills to new heights!


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