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Fitness at the Y

HIIT workouts. Yoga. Bootcamps. Cardio. Weight training. When it comes to working out – everyone has their own preference. So we offer plenty choice in our gym. Take your fitness seriously or take it at your own pace. It’s up to you.

We also offer crèche on site for parents to train whilst their children participate in a range of supervised activities. 

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Group Fitness

All ages. All fitness levels. All abilities. All welcome. Join one of our Group Fitness classes to work on your strength, fitness, flexibility and coordination. And meet others just like you.

  • Functional - This resistance based circuit class designed around our body’s natural movement patterns. Involving a variety of squatting, lifting, pulling and rotational movements. This class is a full body workout. 
  • HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training workouts consist of short blocks of intensive exercise designed to increase your heart rate quickly followed by a timed rest or active recovery exercise. Designed to be more exhausting than your traditional workout. 
  • Gym Spin - A combination of cycling and strength work designed to work all the major muscle groups. Once you have finished climbing the hills or racing to the finish line you will have a short rest before completing an AMRAP strength workout, followed by another brief rest before you start the second round. 
  • Core X - This class is designed to strengthen your pelvis, hips, lower back and abdomen. All of which need to work together to improve your posture, balance and stability. The class includes a variety of standing and floor based exercises using a variety of equipment. 
  • Boxfit - This boxing-style workout combines both impact and cardio-training and suits people of all fitness levels. There is a social vibe and if you bring a friend along to enjoy. 
  • Upper and Lower Body Blitz - Whether your aim is to find an introduction to resistance training, grow your confidence or simply bring some variation to your existing training. 
  • PrYme Functional Fitness - For strong bones and cardio. A supervised small group program designed for strength, using gymnasium equipment for strong bones all in a circuit style format. 

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Small Group Training

If smaller groups are your thing, we run training that will bring out the best in you. Put on the gloves and box or make it count with a high intensity interval training (HIIT). These 30 minute classes are help upstairs in the gym. 

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PrYme Movers

As we get older, our options to exercise shouldn’t be fewer. That’s why we offer tailored exercise programs for people over 60. Improve your heart health, bone density, flexibility and strength.

Senior’s exercise is about staying fit, healthy and socially connected. Turn up for a workout. Stay for a coffee and a chat. That’s what we call active ageing.

Our classes

  • PrYme Active – a fun, cardio workout.
  • PrYme Aqua – low impact exercise in the water.
  • PrYme Strength & Cardio – improve your strength and exercise stamina.
  • PrYme Strength & Stretch – improve your strength, balance and flexibility.

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Teen Gym

Start your wellness journey early and get on the right track for a healthy life. Open to teens aged 11 to 15 who want to feel good, this after school program is a fun and friendly fitness option that build strength, fitness, flexibility and – importantly – confidence and social skills. Qualified trainers demonstrate how to develop positive exercise and eating habits. 

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