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Teen Fitness Classes West Pymble

Welcome to the Teen Gym at Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre – the ultimate destination for young fitness enthusiasts!

Our specially designed Teen Gym program is tailored to meet teenagers' unique needs and interests, providing a fun and motivating environment to kickstart a lifelong journey of health and wellness.

Why Choose Teen Gym at Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre?

Expert Guidance:
Our certified fitness instructors are here to guide and support teens in achieving their fitness goals. From proper exercise techniques to personalised workout plans, our team is dedicated to ensuring a safe and effective fitness experience.

Socialise and Connect:
Working out is not just about physical health – it's also an opportunity to make friends and enjoy community. Our Teen Gym provides a social and inclusive space where teens can connect with like-minded peers passionate about fitness.

Get active through participating teen gym in age appropriate exercise programs in a supervised gym environment between 3:30pm-5:00pm every day as well as structured teen gym group fitness classes. Teen gym members can use the gym outside of the program hours when accompanied by an adult.

Safe and Supportive Environment:
The safety of our members is our top priority. We have implemented strict safety protocols to ensure a secure environment, allowing teens to focus on their workouts without worries.

Membership Details:

Teen Gym membership at Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre is open to individuals aged 13 to 17. Parental consent is required for membership, and our team is available to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Talk to someone about our Teen Gym classes

Ready to embark on your fitness journey? Join the Teen Gym at Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre today and discover a fun and empowering way to stay active, healthy, and happy!

Take a look at our membership options

Opening Hours View opening hours
Monday to Friday 5.30am - 9.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 7.00am - 6.00pm
Public Holiday 10th June 7:00am - 6:00pm
Phone: 02 9499 2005 02 9499 2005
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